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All sports included in Nintendo Switch Sports & upcoming DLC

Published: 26/Apr/2022 12:04

by Daniel Megarry


There are loads of sports included in Nintendo Switch Sports, from Bowling to Badminton, so here’s everything you’ll be able to play from launch day and beyond.

Almost two decades after Wii Sports crash-landed on the Nintendo Wii and became one of the most iconic party games of all time, the franchise is heading to Switch with another sequel, Nintendo Switch Sports.

There are upgraded graphics, new Sportsmate avatars, and online play – but of course, the most important thing to consider when jumping into the game’s Spocco Square hub is “What sports are included?”

As well as classics like Bowling and Tennis, there are new sports to enjoy including Soccer and Badminton, with even more planned for the future. Here are all of the sports you can play in Nintendo Switch Sports.



Nintendo Switch Sports screenshot showing Spocco Square

All sports included in Nintendo Switch Sports

Below you’ll find details of every sport included in Nintendo Switch Sports that you’ll be able to play on launch day, including screenshots and how many players they support.



The first new sport included in this game is Badminton, which allows two players to duke it out to see who rules the court. Hold the Joy-Con like a racket, swing left and right to keep the shuttlecock in the air, and unleash smash shots or sneaky drop shots to mystify your opponents and score points.



Bowling was arguably the most iconic mode on Wii Sports, so it’s no surprise to see it return in Nintendo Switch Sports with up to 16 players able to take part. The Joy-Con offers better accuracy when rolling curveballs or trying to hit that final pin, and there are loads of tricky challenges for solo players to enjoy.



Chambara in Nintendo Switch Sports

In Chambara, two players pick up a sword and battle it out by swinging their Joy-Con to attack and block their opponent’s strikes, with the aim being to knock them into the water below. There are three weapon options, including Twin Swords which can be wielded with two separate Joy-Con controllers.

Soccer (Football)

Nintendo Switch Sports screenshot showing soccer

If you fancy yourself a football champion, prove your skills with the new Football mode with one-on-one and four-on-four matches where up to eight players can get involved. There’s also a Shoot-Out mode that makes use of the Leg Strap, and compatibility will be added to regular matches this summer.




Another returning mode in Nintendo Switch Sports is Tennis, which supports up to four players. Timing is everything in this classic sport if you want to win, as you swing your Joy-Con like a racket while adding topspin or slice to your shots to try and catch your opponents off-guard.


Nintendo Switch Sports screenshot showing volleyball

The final new sport available is Volleyball, where up to four players can take to the court to serve, bump, set, and spike the ball into the opponent’s side of the court using the Joy-Con. In this mode, co-operation is key as you work together to outspeed and overwhelm the other team.


All upcoming DLC sports in Nintendo Switch Sports

Golf in Nintendo Switch Sports

There’s currently one more sport planned for Nintendo Switch Sports, and that’s Golf. This was another favorite in the original Wii Sports, so longtime fans will be glad to hear it’s making a return.

There’s no official release date for Golf mode yet, but Nintendo have promised that it will arrive at some point in Autumn 2022. It will be a free DLC download, so you won’t have to shell out for it.

We’ll keep this page updated if any new sports are announced in the future, but in the meantime, check out our Nintendo Switch Sports preview to get our thoughts on the game.