All Naraka Bladepoint mobile characters: Full roster & rumors

nakara bladepoint Tarka Ji with sword24 Entertainment

Naraka Bladepoint is finally coming to mobile, allowing players to dive into the Asian-inspired battle royale via handheld device, but which characters will you be able to play as? Here’s everything we know so far about the game’s full roster.

Set amid the cherry blossoms of an Eastern-inspired paradise, Naraka Bladepoint pits players against each other in a 60-man battle royale to the death. Already insanely popular on PC, the game will be coming to mobile, too, allowing players to take their shot at glory on the go.

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As with every game, though, Naraka is defined by its extensive character roster, offering a vast array of different gameplay styles to suit your every need.

But just what Naraka Bladepoint characters will we see in the mobile version? Here’s everything we know so far about Naraka Mobile’s roster.


naraka bladepoint female character with blindfold in black and white holds red oni mask to her face24 Entertainment
Naraka Bladepoint is an Asian-inspired battle royale that’s steeped in folklore.

All Naraka Bladepoint Mobile characters: Full roster

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Naraka’s Lead Producer, Ray Kwan, confirmed that all of the characters from the PC game will be arriving on the mobile version of Morus Island.

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“In regards to the launch roster, we won’t spoil too much here, but all heroes you’ve met in Naraka on PC will be in Naraka mobile as well,” he states, meaning that we’ll be seeing familiar faces like Matari and Takeda Nobutada return to the fray.

At the moment, Naraka Bladepoint Mobile’s roster is:

  • Tianhai
  • Viper Ning
  • Yoto Hime
  • Temulch
  • Tarka Ji
  • Kurumi
  • Matari
  • Valda Cui
  • Yueshan
  • Wuchen
naraka bladepoint two characters fight in forest with swords24 Entertainment
Titans will clash on mobile, but only one will reign supreme.

Upcoming Naraka Bladepoint mobile characters

At the moment the devs remain pretty tight lipped about whether or not we’ll see any new characters accompany the mobile game – but we’re pretty sure we will.

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Noting that Naraka Mobile is “an independent project,” we’ll likely see exclusive new warriors enter the fray in the style of Apex Legends Mobile – whether or not they eventually make it into the PC version is anyone’s guess.

So that’s everything we know so far about Naraka Bladepoint’s mobile roster.

As more details emerge about 24 Entertainment’s new mobile endeavor, be sure to brush up on your skills in advance with our Naraka guides:

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