All Hogwarts Legacy characters: New & from Harry Potter books

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Hogwarts Legacy characters with Quidditch broom
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Hogwarts Legacy sends players back to the Wizarding World in the 1800s, and there are plenty of old and new faces to bump into on the grounds of the iconic school. Here’s every character confirmed so far.

Hogwarts Legacy is an aspiring wizard’s dream come true, allowing them to explore the universe of Harry Potter like never before. After a long period of silence from developers Portkey Games, we finally received a full gameplay reveal, and it’s rapidly becoming one of 2022’s biggest releases.

On top of dazzling spells to learn and fantastic beasts to track down, Hogwarts Legacy features plenty of memorable characters to interact with. Unfortunately, though, since the game is set 100 years prior to the books and films, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are nowhere to be found.

But their absence is made up for with a new cast of teachers and students, as well as some familiar faces. Here’s every new and returning character we know of in Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts Legacy new characters

Professor Eleazar Fig

Eleazar Fig in Hogwarts Legacy
Warner Bros.
Fig seems friendly, but are his theories true?

Eleazar Fig is a respected professor on the Hogwarts campus, and he plays a key role in the player character’s story through the game. Fig is investigating rumors that Goblins are planning a rebellion and that the fate of the Wizarding World is at stake.

He is described as an “enigmatic” character, who appears to be an ally to the player, despite certain skepticism from the Ministry of Magic.


Hogwarts Legacy Ranrok on newspaper
Warner Bros.
Ranrok’s rebellion wil be a key plot throughout the game.

Serving as one of the main antagonists of Hogwarts Legacy, Ranrok is rumored to be leading a Goblin rebellion against all of wizardkind. He has magical abilities fo his own, making him a formidable foe for even the strongest sorcerer.

His goal is to claim a mysterious form of magic for himself and use it, along with his burning hatred, to eradicate witches and wizards once and for all.

Victor Rookwood

Victor Rookwood in Hogwarts Legacy
Warner Bros.
Rookwood is a Dark Wizard, but his past and motivations are still a mystery.

Another one of the game’s main threats, Victor Rookwood is a Dark Wizard who has temporarily sided with Ranrok and the rogue Goblins. Although they appear to be working towards a mutual goal, their alliance is far from stable.

It’s unclear from the trailers we’ve had so far as to what Victor’s long-term motivations are, but they’re sure to spell danger for the player. Pun intended.


Deek in Hogwarts Legacy
Warner Bros.
Would it really be Harry Potter without a House elf?

A beloved House-Elf who works to keep Hogwarts running, Deek is the key to one of the game’s most interesting systems.

With Deek’s help, players can access to the Room of Requirement and customize their own vivariums full of buildings, plants, and mystical creatures.

Hogwarts students

Hogwarts Legacy charcter holding wand
Warner Bros.
Players can interact with their classmates and build friendships.

As well as various teachers and powerful threats, our wizard or witch will also have the chance to interact with and form relationships with other Hogwarts students.

Only three have been revealed so far by the March State of Play, they are:

  • Natsai Onai – “A brave adventurer driven by the justice she seeks.”
  • Poppy Sweeting – “Has a kind heart and loves magical beasts, connecting with them more easily than humans.”
  • Sebastian Sallow – “Unfraid of detention or breaking the rules, Sebastian is a charismatic Slytherin with a troubling family secret.”

Hogwarts Legacy returning characters

Nearly Headless Nick

Nearly Headless Nick in Hogwarts Legacy
Warner Bro.
Harry Potter fans nearly lost their heads after this character reveal.

Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, better known as Nearly Headless Nick, is a popular character among Potterheads, featuring in many of the original Harry Potter movies.

The friendly ghost is set to appear once again in Hogwarts Legacy, although John Cleese doesn’t appear to be reprising his role. It’s currently unclear if Nick will feature heavily in the story, or simply serve as a nod to long-time fans.

Cuthbert Bins

Cuthbert Bins in Hogwarts Legacy
Warner Bros.
Hogwarts Legacy is adapting characters from both the books and movies.

Although he never featured in any of the feature films, the name Cuthbert Bins will be familiar to fans of the books. Bins is a long-serving professor at Hogwarts, teaching the History of Magic subject well after his death.

His classes may have been notoriously boring, but that didn’t stop him from mentoring James and Lily Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Serius Black, as well as Harry, Ron, and Hermoine in years later.

And there you have it! That was every confirmed character we know of in Hogwarts Legacy. We’re expecting even more faces to be revealed closer to its release, so be sure to check back here for the latest updates.

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