All Fancy Box locations in Resident Evil 3: Red, Green & Blue jewels

by David Purcell


Hidden jewels are dotted around Raccoon City for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis players to collect and if you would like to know where to find them, you've come to the right place. 

Capcom's newest remake released on April 3, bringing a whole host of different monsters back from the original 1999 game and right into the 21st century.

Now that it's available to play, members of the game's community are wondering about the location of the main city's most valuable Fancy Boxes and we know exactly what locations you need to loot up in order to grab them.


Before we kick things off in terms of instructions, do have in mind that you're going to need a pair of Bolt Cutters and a Lock Pick to hand in order to complete the three different tasks. These can be unlocked by continuing the game's story, as they are key items.

Once you have collected each gem, take them to the Clock Tower Commemoration machine inside the station (seen below) and you can trade them in for goodies, such as ammo, weapon accessories and an upgrade to your inventory – making it well worth the hassle.

Clock Tower Commemoration machine Resident Evil
Cash in on the jewels using the Clock Tower Commemoration machine inside the station.


All jewel locations in Resident Evil 3's Raccoon City

There are three jewels in total – colored Red, Green and Blue – and these are all in close proximity to each other. Once you're in Raccoon City, it shouldn't take long to pick up all of them. Now, where to look...

Red jewel

Head over to Moon's Donut shop. Walk through the entrance and turn left once you're inside. There you will see another door, enter, and see the Fancy Box on the right of the room – next to a few other boxes. Collect it, open it up and there will be a Ruby inside.

Fancy Box location in Resident Evil 3
Here is where you will find the first Fancy Box and inside it will be a red jewel.


Green jewel

Next up, the Fancy Box with an Emerald inside.

For this one, go to the blue store next to Toy Uncle supershop and use the Lock Pick to open the door – found on the right side of the building. Once you're inside, just walk forward and the box will be there waiting to be collected.

Here is the door you need to enter for the green jewel.


Blue jewel

Last, but not least, is the Sapphire. Just walk back outside the last store you visited and right across the road is the supermarket.

To open its doors, simply select your Bolt Cutters and snap it open. There's no hiding place for this Fancy Box, though, as it's staring you in the face when you open up the door.

Blue jewel location resident evil 3
Use your Bolt Cutters to snap open the supermarket lock. The Fancy Box is waiting for you inside.

Fancy Box locations: Resident Evil 3 Nightmare/Inferno modes

These three that we've guided you to already are included in the normal mode, however in the harder difficulties such as the Nightmare or Inferno mode, three others can be found. Locations for these three can be found below.

  • Inside the Pharmacy
  • Power sub-station
  • Back alley opposite the Donut Shop's back entrance

Fancy Box locations in Resident Evil 3 higher difficulties
These three other Fancy Box locations are only available to those playing on higher difficulties.

Now that you know what you know, finding and cashing in on these hidden gems should be much easier. They're all very close together, too, which minimizes the risk of being attacked in the process.

Once it's all said and done, you can pick up a number of rewards that will help out in your fight against the infected! Good luck.