All Arknights Characters (January 2022) – Every operator and rarity

Alec Mullins
Arknights characters and rarities can be hard to keep up with

Arknights is a simple gacha game with a deep roster of unique characters. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your lineup, we’ve got the full list of operators and their rarities compiled here, so when it’s time to go recruiting or headhunting you know what your options are. 

Arknights is all about gathering the best possible lineup to work your way through the game’s various stages and puzzles.

Unlike many games of its kind, there is no competitive multiplayer aspect to the gameplay, but that doesn’t you can get by with a weak lineup if you want to progress further into the world.

Our list of every character in the game will allow you to look for potential holes in your current roster of operators.


All Arknights Characters (January 2022)

Arknights Caster operators

Beeswax is a Modal Caster operator from the Sargon Desert
A native of the Sargon Desert, Beeswax’s power as a caster is nothing to overlook.

Casters are ranged attackers that are meant to target high-defense enemies.

While your physical units will deal a lot of damage, a well-placed Caster can keep up with and even outpace the physical units in many situations.

Operator Rarity
12F 2
Amiya 5
Beeswax 5
Ceobe 6
Dusk 6
Durin  2
Eyjafjalla 6
Gitano 4
Greyy 4
Haze 4
Ifrit 6
Lava 3
Leizi 5
Leonhardt 5
Mostima 6
Nightmare 5
Skyfire 5
Steward  3
Tomimi 5

All Arknights characters: Defender operators

Hoshiguma is one of the most effective and most rare Arknights operators
Hoshiguma’s prowess as a defender ranks high in the class thanks to her Tactical Armor talent and blocking trait

Defenders are stalwart guardians for the rest of your lineup.

If you’re getting barraged by enemy attacks, placing in a defensive unit like Hoshiguma will alleviate some of that incoming pressure.

Operator Rarity
Asbestos 5
Beagle 3
Bison 5
Blemishine 6
Bubble 4
Cardigan 3
Croissant 5
Cuora 4
Dur-Nar 4
Eunectes 6
Gummy 4
Hoshiguma 6
Hung 5
Liskarm 5
Matterhorn 4
Mudrock 6
Nearl 5
Nian 6
Noir Corne 2
Saria  6
Spot 3
Vulcan 5

All Arknights characters: Guard operators

Cutter is a 4-star rarity operator in Arknights
Cutter’s position as a traveling mercenary taught her some handy skills in the line of Guard work.

Guards are meant to get in the fight and contribute right away. They’re a flexible class by nature and offer all kinds of different buffs.

The bonuses you get from the range of an operator like Ayerscarpe aren’t going to match up with the up-close skills of Beehunter, so it’s important to find the right synergy for your lineups.

Operator Rarity
Arene 4
Astesia 5
Ayerscarpe 5
Beehunter 4
Bibeak 5
Blaze 6
Broca 5
Castle-3 1
Che’en 6
Conviction 4
Cutter 4
Dobermann 4
Estelle 4
Flamebringer 5
Franka 5
Frostleaf 4
Hellagur 6
Indra 5
Jackie 4
Lappaland 5
Matoimaru 4
Melantha 3
Midnight 3
Mountain 6
Mousse 4
Popukar 3
Savage 5
Sideroca 5
SilverAsh 6
Skadi 6
Specter 5
Surtr 6
Swire 5
Thorns 6
Utage 4
Whishlash 5

All Arknights characters: Medic operators

Folinic is just one of the Arknihgt Operators who brings something unique and rare to the table.
Folinic is a battle-ready medic who plays a bit of a different role than your typical healer.

Medics are exactly what they sound like. These characters will keep your frontline healthy as they protect your damage dealers.

Not all Medics operate the same way, so it’s important to account for which units are meant to stay in the back and who can get up front and hang with the brawlers.

Operator Rarity
Ansel 3
Breeze 5
Ceylon 5
Folinic 5
Gavial 4
Hibiscus 3
Lancet -2 1
Myrrh 4
Nightingale 6
Perfumer 4
Ptilopsis 5
Shining 6
Silence 5
Sussuro 4
Warfarin 5
Whisperain 5

All Arknights characters: Sniper operators

Roda is one of the strongest sniper operators in the game
Rosa is a formidable six-star rarity operator who brings a big arsenal to the field.

Snipers are great low-cost options that both extend your range and combat the hordes of flying enemies in the game.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to keep yourself protected from aerial attacks, just about any of these characters should bolster your defense.

Operator Rarity
Aciddrop 4
Adnachiel 3
Ambriel 4
Andreana 5
Aosta 5
April 5
Blue Poison 5
Catapult 3
Exusiai 6
Executor 5
Firewatch 5
Greythroat 5
Jessica 4
Kroos 3
May 4
Meteor 4
Meteorite 5
Platinum 5
Pinecone 4
Provence  5
Rangers 2
Rosa 6
Rosmontis 6
Schwarz 6
Sesa 5
Shirayuki 4
Vermeil 4
W 6

Arknights Specialist operators 

Mizuki is one of Arknights' newest specialists
Mizuki is one of the more popular characters and Arknights, and as a formidable six-star specialist it’s easy to see why.

Specialists give your team advantages that reshape the flow of combat.

From Pushers and Pullers who can shift the opposition around the field to Controllers who offer more crowd-control effects, each of these characters brings a new level of strategy to the game.

Operator Rarity
Aak 6
Cliffheart 5
Ethan 4
Feater 5
Gravel 4
Jaye 4
Kafka 5
Manticore 5
Mr. Nothing 5
Mizuki 6
Phantom 4
Projekt Red 5
Robin 5
Rope 4
Shaw  4
Snowsant 5
Waai Fu 6
Weedy 6

All Arknights character: Supporter operators

Tomimi’s status as Supporter is almost a misdirection, as her powers often put her in similar positions to casters.

Whether bringing out the big guns through summons or giving off a nice aura boost, supporters are meant to bolster their team through their utility rather than their combat.

The benefit to having a good supporter in your lineup is that your high-damage operators become stronger than ever when one is around to help them.

Operator Rarity
Angelina 6
Deepcolor 4
Earthspirit 4
Glaucus 5
Istina 5
Magallan 6
Mayer 5
Orchid 3
Podenco 4
Pramanix 5
Scene 5
Shamare 5
Sora 5
Suzuran 6
Tsukinogi 5

All Arknights characters: Vanguard operators

REed from Arknights is a five-star rarity operator
Reed is a Vanguard unit with a fiery spirit, which summarizes the whole class pretty well.

Usually used to generate more DP for your team, Vanguard operators get into the fight early and pull back just as fast as they arrived.

Employing these units will leave you weak in the long run, but if they find favorable matchups, the DP difference could be enough to boost you over the edge.

Operator Rarity
Bagpipe 6
Chiave 5
Courier 4
Elysium 5
Fang 3
Grani 5
Myrtle 4
Plume 3
Reed 5
Saga 6
Scavenger 4
Siege 6
Texas 5
Vanilla 3
Vigna 4
Yato 2
Zima 5

That’s it for our list of all the Arknights characters currently available in the game!

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