A Quiet Place: Everything we know about upcoming horror game

Sam Smith
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A video game adaptation of A Quiet Place is currently in development, so here’s everything we know about this upcoming horror title.

The ‘A Quiet Place’ game was announced back in 2021 and will be set within the same universe as the movies. Not much is known about the horror game at the moment, but it will feature an original and “untold story”.

The movie (and the game) deal with a post-apocalyptic Earth following an alien invasion that has left most of the population dead or in hiding, while the aliens – or at least the monsters that have been unleashed by other more intelligent aliens – are blind but with incredibly acute hearing.

As a result, human survivors need to creep around the world in order to not alert them. Naturally, this is the perfect setting for a survival-horror/stealth game.

According to joint developers iLLOGIKA and EP1T0ME Studios Inc, A Quiet Place will “let fans experience the tension of the films with a level of immersion they’ve never felt before.” The game will be published by Saber Interactive in partnership with Paramount Pictures.


A screenshot of characters from the A Quiet Place movieParamount Pictures
A Quiet Place is the brainchild of John Krasinski.

Is there A Quiet Place game release date yet?

A Quiet Place is still in development and no release date has been confirmed yet. However, the game’s official Twitter page has announced it will arrive in 2022.

Therefore, we suspect Q4 of 2022 would be an ideal time to release the game – perhaps around Halloween. You can see the official Twitter announcement below:

Do we know what platforms will A Quiet Place be on?

No platforms have been confirmed by the developers yet, but we expect A Quiet Place will release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC at the very least.

An image of a monster in the A Quiet Place Paramount Pictures
The monsters in A Quiet Place are blind but deadly.

Are there any Quiet Place gameplay details?

We’ve not seen any screenshots, footage, or gameplay yet, and the developers haven’t revealed any details either.

It seems likely that the title will be a stealth-based survival horror game like Outlast, Amnesia, and Alien Isolation, so it could be a first-person game like those titles – but this is purely speculation on our part.

Of course, horror games can work from a range of perspectives, but first-person could also lend itself well to VR, should the developers choose to adopt this. We’ll have to wait and see.

We look forward to learning more about the A Quiet Place game in time and will update this as we learn more details. Until then, though, be sure to check out some of our other release hubs:

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