65-year-old Twitch streamer tears up after finally winning first solo Warzone game

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A Warzone Twitch streamer has won their first solo game at the age of 65 and celebrated with a pre-made speech, which he prepared in the event he was ever able to land their first solo dub.

It doesn’t matter what age you or how good you are, the beauty of Call of Duty is that it’s accessible to a large range of players, especially its Warzone battle royale experience.

A father/son duo who’ve been streaming together for many years now and operate a Twitch channel have enjoyed Warzone since the game’s release and have picked up many duos wins together.

However, after endeavoring to secure his own win, the father not only earned that elusive solo win, but had a full speech to communicate to dedicated viewers of the heartwarming streamer.

First Warzone solo win for 65-year-old streamer

“I’m getting choked up,” the streamer, known as Papa, said after obtaining victory on his 64th solo battle royale attempt in the game.

Papa is one half of the ‘FatherSonGaming’ Twitch channel and the family members have famously landed tons of duos wins and have played a ton of Call of Duty together over the years.

This hasn’t proved to be enough for Papa though as he wanted the solo win, he did it, and had a few things to say.

“First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who watched the journey, it was a bumpy and sometimes glorious ride. There were many highs and many lows, I learned a lot from myself and my teammates to strive to be better and to learn as you lose,” Papa said.

He also went on to thank his son for his support and also gave a special shoutout to “the fellows in the booth.”

Papa then addressed the “nation” and said that they “wanted this win as bad as I did,” although this line was partly interrupted as the streamer was clearly getting emotional.

“I’ll always be grateful to you guys hanging with me, thanks again everyone,” he finished off.

Where Papa goes from this we don’t know, but one thing seems likely, FatherSonGaming will surely be headed to Warzone 2 soon after the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 launches in November.