This Forza Horizon 5 car allows players to easily jump La Selva river

forza horizon 5 jumpPlayground Games

A Forza Horizon 5 player spent a week finding the right build to vault the river at La Selva, without relying on cars like the Jesko that can practically fly across the Mexico map.

Playground Games stayed true to their name with FH5’s expansive terrains, giving players hundreds, if not thousands, of different ramps and opportunities to test the limits of their cars.

One player took aim at an incredibly wide river in-game, called La Selva. It has a ramp right at it nearby and they were determined to clear the gap with their finely-tuned BAC Mono.

“After a week of trying with various builds, I’ve finally jumped the river at La Selva,” the user said.

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Though it was a close call, the achievement showed how they cleared the 2,200-foot jump with ease.

Distance jumps generally make players rethink how they tune everything, from their vehicle’s suspension down to the weight of the actual car.

While the BAC Mono is a reliable car on the track, it took the player a week to find the right build to clear La Salva’s river jump which got plenty of praise from fellow FH5 players.

“Tbh this is a lot more satisfying than all the jokers saying ‘just get Jesko lolol,’” another user said. “As if making the gameplay itself isn’t boring as hell.”

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Best Forza Horizon 5 car for long jumps

forza horizon 5 BAC Mono

Horizon players have been quick to point out that most of the biggest feats could easily be taken care of by the 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko.

The Jesko has been a fan-favorite since Forza Horizon 4 for its handling and speed that makes these stunts easy to clear.

Still, the massive playground in FH5, along with its huge list of car offerings, makes it fun to experiment with different tune-ups to see where they can land on the leaderboards.