Ridiculous Forza Horizon 4 glitch makes car un-crashable

Kieran Bicknell
Reddit: u/Xtremville

Forza Horizon 4 players often live life on the edge, pushing the limits of their vehicles as they seek to earn skill points or achievements. This Redditor was doing just that, when an unusual glitch saved his Ferrari 599xx Evo from disaster.

Finding glitches in Forza Horizon 4 is nothing new, but we’re constantly amazed by the sheer randomness of bugs people find within the game. From falling down sinkholes to breaking speed records, players have become masters at manipulating the game for their own gain.

However, unlike many previous glitches we’ve featured, this one appears to have actually saved the player in question.

Forza Horizon 4 Ferrari 599xx Evo
The Ferrari 599xx Evo is one of the fastest cars in the game.

Forza Horizon 4 crash glitch

We can’t quite confirm whether this glitch is related to the winter season or whether it was simply a random event, but it certainly saved this player from disaster.

While pushing their Ferrari 599XX Evo to the limit, this Redditor misjudged the corner, and appeared to be on course to plow into a group of trees.

What happened next was entirely unplanned, but worked in the player’s favor. The Ferrari appears to skid up onto its side, before the game glitches in a dramatic fashion.

Instead of the car crashing into the tree and coming to a stop, the game freezes momentarily. The car then continues to pass through the tree undamaged.

Not only did the player manage to avoid the crash, but also managed to level-out the car and continue driving. Plus, they even managed to score a ‘great air’ skill point in the process.

With the video taking place during the winter season in Forza Horizon 4, the icy roads may have helped Redditor u/Xtremville glide along smoothly. However, that still doesn’t explain the glitch itself, which appears to be a random occurrence.

Whatever happened, we bet Xtremville was feeling very lucky after this strange event.