Grandpa who used to call Xbox ‘idiot box’ can’t stop playing Forza Horizon 5

grandpa meme and forza horizon 5Microsoft

A Grandpa who used to say “video games make you stupid” has been completely hooked in by Forza Horizon 5, with a wholesome video doing the rounds on Reddit. 

The critically-acclaimed racing game scooped a prize at The Game Awards 2021 for its impressive accessibility features, and now it’s winning internet points for converting people from doubters to believers.

On January 16, Reddit user Aftershock_7582 revealed an incredible transformation in his Grandpa after discovering his passion for Forza Horizon 5.

He’s not playing like an amateur using a controller, either, as he’s got the whole setup figured out – pedals and all.

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Grandpa can’t get enough of Forza Horizon 5

The user said: “My Grandpa who thinks that video games make you stupid playing FH5. My brother convinced him to try the ‘idiot box,'” along with a clip of him in action.

In the comments, they also revealed that there are many other fun clips of his Grandfather playing, from following the speed limit to bashing into other cars.

The original poster said: “We told him there are no rules and he started ramming cars on the opposite side of the road and laughing hella hard.”

Quite the griefer, it would seem.

forza horizon 5 ford bronco races in rainMicrosoft
Forza Horizon 5 has been lauded for pretty much everything, from the Mexico map design to gameplay.

Players react to Grandpa story

Jokes aside, the story didn’t just put smiles on the faces of everybody in the room, but also inspired others to try the same.

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One user replied: “My mom thought the same, then I got her to play Animal Crossing New Horizons and now she respects gaming haha.”

Another commented on the Grandpa’s skills, saying: “My guy starts drifting and going 500 mph.”

Whether or not this method would work for the senior citizens in your family is a mystery, but we now know it’s not impossible to turn a bookworm into a racing driver – and it’s actually a pleasure to see when it works out.