Forza Horizon 5 unreleased car parts discovered and players want them

David Purcell
forza horizon 5 car

Unreleased Forza Horizon 5 car parts for customization have been discovered and players would like to see them added to the game in a future update. 

Customizing vehicles in the Forza series has always been a fan-favorite feature, in both Motorsport and Horizon. It gives members of the community to put their own twist on some of the world’s top super and hypercars, as well as share them to be downloaded by other people.

This January, one player has been doing a deep dive into the unused parts that didn’t make the cut for FH5, including those of Cooper, Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, and Yokohama.

The reason for these branded slick tires not being included in the game is unknown, but there is a possibility that it’s either the choice of the development team or that naming rights were not secured to do so.

Forza Horizon 5 unreleased car parts leaked

Lotus Elise Forza Horizon 5
Xbox Games Studios
Forza Horizon 5 has seen new cars introduced with different Series updates, but new car parts haven’t yet been added.

A collection of images were posted to Reddit on January 7, showing a list of different designs not yet available in-game – courtesy of user Carver6K.

One user replied: “Aw man, they look sick. I hope this isn’t just a carryover from the development of the new Motorsport and we get to use them at some point in Horizon.”

Another pointed out that one of the slicks is included in the game; the middle Michelin design, which can be used on the BMW X5M FE.

Other than that, the rest don’t appear to be included in Playground Games’ latest title.

One user added: “It’s a shame we can’t use these.” Another said: “We seriously need to be able to use these. I love branded slicks.”

There is no official word as to whether these branded tires will be added to Forza Horizon 5 or not, but players have sent a clear message to the dev team after seeing them – they would like to use them in the future.