Forza Horizon 5 TikTok uncovers secret XP board you may have missed

Forza Horizon XP board with Forza Horizon 5 logoMicrosoft

Forza Horizon players have uncovered an XP billboard that is incredibly hard to reach, and might not be worth the effort. Though, it has produced some funny results. 

As anyone who has jumped into the Forza Horizon series will know, progressing through the game isn’t just about winning races and speeding past opponents.

You need XP to level up and unlock new opportunities – be that in the form of new race series, new cars themselves, or even new locations on the game’s map.

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There are plenty of ways to get XP while darting around Horizon’s stunning backdrops, however, the bonus XP billboards are the quickest way to get leveling up. However, in Horizon 5, there is one that players are having a hard time with.

forza horizon 5 drivingMicrosoft
Forza Horizon 5 might be the year’s best-looking game.

Most XP billboards are pretty obvious and easy to spot – they’ll be on the side of the road or close to a jump spot. Yet, this one takes the cake.

As TikToker BikerSenpai shows, there is a 5,000 XP billboard stuck sideways in an electrical transmission tower. That’s right, sideways, and up in the air – it is pretty easy to miss if you just zoom past in your car.

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Now, it isn’t all that impossible to get to – as BikerSenpai managed to get there eventually – but it does same some serious effort. You might even find yourself landing on top of the transmission tower, which is impressive in its own right, but it does mean you’ve failed to hit the billboard.

With it only being worth a bonus 5,000 XP, some players have questioned if it was worth the trouble that the TikToker went through.

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Though, with around 7 million views on the post, it seems to have paid off. Though, maybe other players will have an easier time with it.

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