Forza Horizon 5 Solar Panels: Location & where to find

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Forza Horizon 5 has a staggering amount of content and tasks for players to complete. One such objective involves smashing your way through Solar Panels, and one spot is the perfect location for you to maximize your efforts.

Players are still lapping up all the content that Forza Horizon 5 has to offer. The roads of Mexico are constantly being terrorized by adrenaline-fueled car junkies who are tearing it up in new cars and setting ridiculous points records.

Aside from that, Forza gives players plenty of goals to achieve, and knowing the whereabouts of a popular Solar Panel spot will do you the world of good for one of them.


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Amidst the large number of objectives for you to complete is the ‘Total Eclipse’ accolade.

How to complete Forza Horizon 5 Total Eclipse accolade

The main reason players will need to seek a vendetta with Solar Panels is the ‘Total Eclipse’ accolade. It asks players to go out of their way to destroy 100 Solar Panels in a specific car.

Here’s the official description of the objective: “Smash 100 Solar Panels in the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX.” Doing so will reward players with the “The Shadow Falls” Forza Link and 500 Prestige.

If you’re not as well-versed with the game’s map, then our guide below will show you the optimal place to perform your Solar Panel shenanigans.

Solar Panel location in Forza Horizon 5

You can find this spot on the map, just west of the ‘Cordillera writing.’ If you look carefully on the map, you’ll realize that the area itself is quite distinguishable thanks to the silver Solar Panel-shaped symbols grouped together.

Here’s the exact location you’ll need to go to, we’ve marked it with a red ring.

forza horizon 5 solar panels marked
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You should have no problem getting to this spot.

Once you’ve smashed them all, simply use fast travel to another location, drive back to the same spot and smash them all over again!

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