Forza Horizon 5 players roast devs over “appalling” visual bug

Forza Horizon 5 screenshotActivision

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best-looking games of the new generation. The greater Guanajuato area is carefully brought to life by extreme detail in picturesque environments. That same attention to detail also means that, when something is wrong, players are going to have a hard time looking past it. 

Anyone who has taken FH5 for a spin knows exactly how good the game looks.  Whether in the rocky outcropping of La Gran Caldera or the tight raceway inside the stadium, every part of the game offers something bold and exciting to look at.

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Even the weather is rendered to a painstaking degree, giving the whole experience a feeling appropriate for a next-gen experience.

Unfortunately, all it takes is a small mistake for that immersion to be ruined, and that’s exactly what’s happened with the game’s cockpit view.

Forza Horizon 5 beg Playground Games to fix cockpit visual bug

cars racing in forza horizon 5Playground Games
Forza Horizon 5 has the most detailed world in the entire franchise.

Forza offers players the ability to drive using either a third-person overhead view or a much tighter first-person view as if they are sitting directly at the wheel.

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The former offers players a chance to take in their entire surroundings while cruising on the open road, while the latter brings them into the headspace of a real driver, putting them right into the seat of the action.

Unfortunately for first-person enthusiasts, a long-standing lighting bug can cause the game to appear several shades darker than intended, making it a tough task to navigate through late nights or in heavily overcast conditions.

After one user posted about the problem over on the FH subreddit, several other community members jumped in to share their experiences.

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One player suggested that problem stems from the devs simply not caring about making cockpit gameplay realistic: “They simply don’t care about cockpit play. Even wheel and shifting animations are still crap.”

Another commenter chimed in to say that even adjusting settings won’t alleviate all of the pain.

“It’s pretty appalling how bad the autoexposure is, it varies from car-to-car and changes as the sun move… I will say, properly adjusting my system HDR calibration helped a little bit, but it’s still way off. At dawn/dusk it’s basically impossible to see.”

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There’s no word from Playground on if they’re looking into this issue at all, but with rumors of DLC on the Horizon, drivers should keep their eyes peeled for news just in case.

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