Forza Horizon 5 players discover cheeky easter egg in Top Gear

David Purcell
top gear car with forza horizon 5 player
Top Gear YouTube / Forza

An elephant-eared Forza Horizon 5 player has discovered a strange easter egg in Top Gear, referencing Playground Games’ series in the most subtle way possible. 

Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Kew walked viewers through a review of the Zenvo TSR-S supercar on January 7, with its wicked waggling wing.

The TV show, which has been a part of crossovers with Microsoft’s top car series in the past, appears to have rekindled the connection between the two – as a fan has seemingly unearthed a gem.

Forza Horizon 5 easter egg found in Top Gear

Forza Horizon 5’s audio has been spotted in a new Top Gear video.

During the video, there is a close-up frame of the vehicle that appears just seconds into the shoot, featuring an intriguing background noise.

The sound is strikingly similar to Horizon 5’s and you can even hear crowd noises, as well as checkpoints being ticked off if you listen in close.

A casual Forza fan might skip over the reference, but that’s what the hardcore drivers are here for.

(Segment starts at 0:10 in the video below)

Who found it?

The easter egg, of course, was found by Reddit user VerticalStrafes on January 9.

They said: “Top Gear used the audio from Forza for this Zenvo video LOL. You can straight up hear the checkpoints and crowd noises during the clip.

They’re not the only ones to have spotted the casual reference to the series, either, as a number of YouTube comments appeared to make the same connection.

One YouTube user said: “The audio is so realistic there’s no way it could be from a game, such as Forza. Not like I can’t hear the crowd cheering!”

Another added: “I could recognize that backfire sound immediately.” One user said: “The crowds and checkpoints are also easily recognized.”

The audio is similar, if not identical, to that of Forza Horizon 5 – and fans are loving this hidden easter egg. Next time you reach a checkpoint or finish a race, be sure to listen in and you’ll see what people are talking about!