Forza Horizon 5 player hits peak nostalgia by recreating iconic FH1 video

forza horizon 5 editvia lusca do fusca YouTube

A Forza Horizon 5 player managed to recreate the title sequence for FH1 that hit a nostalgic note with the larger community for its incredible accuracy.

The great big sandbox of FH5 gave players ways to roam its map of Mexico like never before in the series. The leap Playground Games took with its latest iteration made some players want to look back at Horizon’s roots.

But you don’t have to be too far removed from Horizon 5 to appreciate the franchise’s humble beginnings, as one fan proved with their edit of the first game’s start menu sequence.

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The footage was captured with gameplay clips from FH5 that added an extra bit of novelty to the tribute by seeing how far the franchise has come.

Fan ‘lusca_do_fusca’ remade the Forza Horizon 1 start menu video in the series’ latest game and immediately popped off with the community.

“I tried to recreate the Forza Horizon 1 start menu the best as I could do, almost an entire day to finish it,” they said.

The faithful edit turned heads in the Forza community and is getting a ton of traction with players who miss the good ol’ days of the series.

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“Man, thank you for the nostalgia,” one player said. “I miss this game so much… It had everything! Great music, more motivating gameplay! It was awesome feeling like the underdog.”

(Relevant section from 0:00 to 0:54 for mobile viewers)

Even more, players were sharing their stories of when they entered the FH series, each complementing the spirit of lusca’s video. The moment wasn’t lost on the Redditor who saw everyone’s reactions to his clip.

FH1 still holds a special place with a lot of people, and it’s clear that the Forza Horizon 5 edit gave the game its due with some updated visuals.

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