Forza Horizon 5 creator reveals how much you can make from downloads

Sam Smith
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A top Forza Horizon 5 creator has revealed the crazy number of in-game credits they received daily for downloads – before the devs capped it.

Forza Horizon 5 allows players to become creators, making their own liveries, car tunes, and other customizable options. Players can then upload their creations for others to download and use in their own games. Each time this happens, that creator is rewarded with credits for their work in the game.

Of course, the best and most popular creations bring in the most credits. The more an item is downloaded, the more credits its creator will receive. Therefore, the most impressive creators soon become very rich in the world of Forza Horizon.

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Credits allow players to buy the game’s fastest cars.

How much do top Forza Horizon creators earn?

Creator @DonJoewonSong has revealed on Twitter what he makes in a day from his designs. However, this number has been drastically reduced since the developers introduced a credits cap, preventing creators from earning ridiculous sums of money.

Before the cap, Don claimed to earn around 250 million credits a day. Although now he only earns between 10-15 million each day. Yet even after the cap, this is a near-infinite supply of credits.

By his own admission, 10-15 million “is much better” as no player can feasibly spend 250 million credits. Even Don’s current daily earnings are enough for him to afford any car or property in the game, meaning he still has more credits than he’ll know what to do with.

Forza Horizon community response

Other Reddit users also pointed out how ridiculous the amount is, saying, “What can you even do with that much virtual currency? After [buying] the houses, I kind of don’t have much use for it.”

Some other players revealed they are in a similar situation and have just started gifting cars to other players to use up some of their wealth.

One said, “I don’t have millions and millions, but some topflight cars I gift to new players. It does give me the feels since I found out regardless of whether it’s still in your garage, or not, it’s still ticked off your list, I’ve been gifting most things.”

The earnings may appear more sensible after the cap, but after earning several million in-game credits in Forza Horizon 5 a day, there isn’t much the player can’t accomplish.