Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels to play with right now

Dylan Horetski
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Playing Forza Horizon 5 with a controller won’t be for everyone, so we’ve rounded up the best steering wheels to play the game with – as well as a general list of compatible devices. 

The Forza Horizon series returns with another high-powered installment into the series. This time the game brings you to the open roads of Mexico to race your friends and rival drivers.

When it comes to playing the game, many fans may agree that your favorite controller is your best bet. However, others choose to raise the difficulty a bit by playing the game with a realistic steering wheel.

Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels

For this list, we’re going to showcase the newest model available by each company.

However, this doesn’t mean that older wheels are not supported — these will be listed below.

Logitech G29 (PC only) and G920 (PC and Xbox)

Logitech G29 and G920Logitech
While the Logitech G29 and G920 are similar wheels, they are differentiated by their console compatibility.

The Logitech G29 and G920 are very similar wheels at almost identical price points. However, the G29 is compatible with the PC and Playstation as the G920 is for the PC and Xbox. While Forza Horizon 5 is not available for the PlayStation, you can still use the wheel for the PC version.

Both devices are gear-driven with roughly 10.5-inch diameter, leather-wrapped wheels. These come in at a lower cost than most other options, sitting at roughly $250 on Amazon for the steering wheel and pedal setup, with the optional matching shifter coming in at just over $50 extra.

Logitech Momo (PC)

logitech momoLogitech
While it doesn’t offer a clutch pedal, many players prefer this one as it was designed by Momo, a company that creates official racecar wheels.

The Logitech Momo offers six fully customizable buttons on the wheel face, with built-in presets for most of your favorite games. Coming in at a similar price point to the G29 and G920, fans of this wheel sacrifice the clutch pedal for a more comfortable design and a slightly bigger diameter wheel.

Thrustmaster T150 (PC)

Thrustmaster T150Thrustmaster
The T150 is a budget wheel from Thrustmaster.

Just like the Logitech G29, the T150 is compatible with the PC version of Forza Horizon 5. While it comes stock with plastic pedals, the wheel is belt-driven instead of gear-driven to provide a smoother, more realistic force feedback.

This budget offering from Thrustmaster comes in at about $200 on Amazon.

Thrustmaster TX

Thrustmaster TXThrustmaster
The TX series wheel offers a better build quality as well as an upgraded, fully metal pedal set with a clutch.

The Thrustmaster TX series wheel is on the high end of the company offering, coming in with a price of almost $600. 

While that’s pretty costly compared to others listed, it offers an upgraded force-feedback system, a hand-stitched and leather-wrapped wheel. Not to mention the upgraded T3PA pedal set that is full metal, weighted, and provides a clutch.

Fanatec Clubsport v2.5

Fanatec ClubsportFanatec
While Fanatec offers some of the highest quality wheels in the racing-sim scene, they’re definitely not pocket-friendly.

If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself into a built sim-racing rig, or you just have a ton of money to spend, the Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 is for you. Coming in at $549 for just the motor for the wheel, you’re looking at anywhere from $200 to $700 more for the wheel itself.

While they do provide high quality for the value, many players will get by just fine with one of the above options from Thrustmaster or Logitech.

Which wheels does Forza Horizon 5 support?

The five wheels we list above aren’t the only devices supported by the game. Thanks to the Forza help page, we have a full list of wheels supported on Forza Horizon 5.


  • Driving Force (PC only)
  • G25 (PC only)
  • G27 (PC only)
  • G29 (PC only)
  • G920 (PC & Xbox)
  • G923 (PC & Xbox)
  • G923 PS (PC only)
  • Momo (PC only)


  • Ferrari 458 Spider (Xbox and PC)
  • T150 RS (PC only)
  • T248 (PC & Xbox)
  • T248 PS (PC only)
  • T300 RS (PC only)
  • T500 RS (PC only)
  • TMX (PC and Xbox)
  • T-GT (PC only)
  • TS-XW (PC and Xbox)
  • TS-PC (PC only)
  • TX (PC and Xbox)
    • 458 Edition
    • Leather Edition
    • 599XX
    • F1
    • GTE


  • Hori Overdrive (PC & Xbox)
  • Hori Force Feedback (PC & Xbox)

Forza Horizon 5 also supports Multi-USB functions. This allows you to use multiple devices that are plugged into multiple USB ports on your computer to control the game.

You will need to create a custom wheel profile if you are using multiple devices, or if you have their devices plugged into separate USB ports. The game won’t automatically map them unless they are directly connected.

How to connect your Forza Horizon 5 wheel

  1. Mount your wheel to a surface that allows you to use it comfortably.
  2. Install the software for the wheel. Logitech and Thrustmaster require the software to run in order for the game to detect your device.
  3. Connect all the cables. Most wheels have a connection between the pedals and wheel, dedicated power, and a USB connection.
  4. Change your input in-game via the settings menu.
  5. Enjoy playing Forza Horizon 5 with your steering wheel!

Now that we’ve helped you with a list of wheels supported by Forza Horizon 5, you can check out the rest of our guides to find out more about the game.