YouTuber 'NickEh30' Gets Incredible, Game-Winning Kill in Fortnite While Jumping After His Own Jetpack Midair

by Albert Petrosyan


The great thing about Fortnite: Battle Royale, and why it has become such a popular gaming phenomenon, is that it allows players to make incredible, and sometimes even insane, plays.

The game's unique mechanics and items give players the chance to demonstrate their skill in various ways, and sometimes in difficult situations.


One such player is popular YouTuber 'Nick Eh 30,' who is an avid fan of Fortnite and a participant of the weekly 'Friday Fortnite' celebrity tournament.

Nick was live-streaming the game on May 23rd when he pulled off an incredible, game-winning kill, using the brand new Jetpack item in the process.


His description of the clip, which has since gone viral on social media, is all one really needs to fully understand how insane the play actually was.

"Dropping my jet-pack from a skybase, jumping after it, picking it up, shotgunning the enemy in the face before even touching the ground—that's what I'm talking about!"


Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the entire sequence was his audacity to drop the Jetpack from his skybase and then perfectly retrieve it midair.

After getting the final elimination to capture the Victory Royale, Nick let out a yell of jubilation that only a fantastic, game-winning play in Fortnite can inspire.