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Fortnite Battle Royale • Aug 06, 2018

YouTuber MrBeast Reveals Why He Donated $70K to OpTic's CouRage for Winning a Fortnite Match

YouTuber MrBeast Reveals Why He Donated $70K to OpTic's CouRage for Winning a Fortnite Match
MrBeast / CouRage

YouTuber 'MrBeast' has revealed why he decided to reward OpTic Gaming content creator Jack 'CouRage' Dunlop with an insane prize for winning a Fortnite match.

In a video published on August 6, MrBeast provides a backstory for why he and fellow YouTuber 'Miniminter' donated $70,000 to CouRage.


The fateful event happened on August 3, as the two YouTuber privately contacted CouRage while he was streaming to propose their offer.

Although he had just 18 health points towards the end of the match, CouRage clutched up for the victory and was overcome with pure excitement and emotion after the massive donations began appearing on stream.

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MrBeast's subsequent video reveals that CouRage was not the only one presented with this offer.

In fact, MrBeast and Miniminter contacted numerous other streamers before CouRage and told them that they would be met with a massive reward should they win their next Fortnite Solos match.


As each streamer failed to win their money match, the prize pool grew larger and larger, which proved to be fortunate for CouRage, who was able to complete the challenge when the reward had reached $70,000.

However, as is the classic MrBeast way, the YouTubers did end up donating some money to the other streamers, bringing their total donated amount on the day to $100,000.

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