You can now play Dust 2 from CS:GO in Fortnite and it’s incredible

Joe Craven
Epic Games/Valve

Fortnite’s recently incorporated Search and Destroy mode has been overwhelmingly popular with the community, and they can now experience it on an incredible Dust II remake. 

The recent shift in popular titles of incorporating and encouraging fan creativity has led to some truly awesome crossovers. Tools like Fortnite’s Creative mode enable players to be wholly original. A great example is Cizzorz’ deathruns, which have captivated the Fortnite community.

Only a few months ago we saw Black Ops II’s Raid brought to CS:GO, and now CS:GO fans are lending one of its best to Epic Games’ acclaimed third-person battle royale.

Dust II is one of CS:GO’s most popular maps.

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Team Evolve are known in the Fortnite community for their Creative work, regularly impressing fans and followers with wholly original and unique concepts.

They proved their skill for Fortnite Creative again on February 14, as they shared their recreation of CS:GO’s Dust II. The successor to the original Dust map, it has been lauded as one of the best in Valve’s FPS title. 

A quick glance at the recreation shows how excellent it is. The most iconic spots have been recreated with stunning accuracy, despite the obvious aesthetic differences between Fortnite and CS:GO. 

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However, the remake is not just for viewing. Evolve provided the Fortnite Creative Code to play the Dust 2 remake, as well as a seriously impressive cinematic showcasing vast parts of the map. They also offer a Discord for gamers wanting to meet other players on the map.

Given the similarities between Search and Destroy and CS:GO’s bomb defusal mode, the two are an ideal combination for offering some variety to Fortnite before Season 2 launches. 

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It really should be that simple to get your hands on Dust II in Fortnite. We’re not sure it was in high demand from players, but the recreation is so spot on that many will want to try their hand at it. 

While Fortnite’s Search and Destroy mode has been praised, many fans have criticized the game for a lack of tangible new content over Chapter 2, Season 1. 

That should change soon with Season 2 set to launch on February 20, following a slight delay.