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xQc rages at “dumb” Fortnite stream snipers

Published: 7/Dec/2020 13:38

by Jacob Hale


In classic Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel fashion, the popular Twitch streamer called out stream snipers after being repeatedly hunted down during a Fortnite stream.

Stream snipers have been the bane of the existence of content creators everywhere for a long time now. The act, which sees viewers land on streamers as they watch to ruin their games, became super popular during the huge wave of popularity Fortnite saw during 2018.

This has continued to be a huge problem for our favorite streamers until now where, no matter what game is being played, streamers will get griefed by viewers just wanting to get one over on these top players.


That said, some streamers definitely get it worse than others. While NICKMERCS viewers, for example, might be familiar with his “friendly” stream snipers that drop him loot and money, or will simply follow him and form an army against enemy players, xQc gets quite the opposite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 baby yoda
Epic Games
Chapter 2, Season 5 has brought Baby Yoda to Fortnite — but stream snipers are still a major issue.

With the recent Chapter 2, Season 5 update in Fortnite, the game is seeing a lot of players returning, especially with the wait for Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War, which has been delayed to December 16.

More than once, xQc was traversing the Fortnite island or just landing in and a barrage of stream snipers would land on him, swinging their pickaxes and firing shots, leaving him no option but to succumb to their shots.


Finally, xQc broke and called out the stream snipers, calling them “dumb” and saying that they need to “get a job” after yelling in frustration.

Stressing that he “can’t even play” the game when stream snipers are constantly griefing him like this, xQc has clearly had enough, and it’s hard to blame him when you know that every time you drop into a match you’ll have a multitude of people hunting you down and following your every move.

Whether his stream snipers do actually stop remains to be seen, but given how popular he is, the issue might not ever be completely eradicated.