xQc believes Fortnite controller players have huge advantage with “busted” aim assist

xQc streaming on TwitchxQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel believes Fortnite controller aim assist is too powerful and that it gives players a huge advantage over their PC counterparts. 

The Fortnite controller aim assist debate is as old as the game itself. In fact, this topic is often discussed heavily within many popular FPS games. While both input devices have clear advantages and disadvantages, xQc believes that Fortnite controller players have it best thanks to aim assist. 

In fact, the streamer demonstrated to his viewers just how potent this mechanic is when using a controller. After all, being able to instantly snap onto a target’s body can make for some incredibly quick kills, especially in close-quarter fights where quick reactions are imperative. 

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xQc believes Fortnite controller aim assist is broken

xQc playing FortnitexQc/Epic Games
xQc was amazed by Fortnite’s controller aim assist.

During his recent Fortnite stream, xQc switched to a controller to highlight just how powerful aim assist is. After dropping into Condo Canyon, the popular streamer simply zapped onto nearby targets and gunned them down before they could even react. 

“I’m not even aiming,” shouted xQc as he quickly eliminated one player. The streamer then ran downstairs and snapped onto another enemy. “Holy f*ck, are you seeing this? Oh my god, it’s busted!” 

xQc was surprised by just how powerful the controller aim assist seemed to be and he managed to kill three players before being downed. Of course, while controllers may have a good advantage when it comes to these particular scenarios, mid to long-range firefights can be a little trickier. 

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This is especially true when players wish to land precise headshots at range with snipers or ARs. Meanwhile, mouse and keyboard can easily track enemies and use flicks to instantly reposition their cursor.

Ultimately, the device you use won’t dictate how skilled you are at the game, but it can help increase your survivability in certain situations – an area that was highlighted by xQc in his latest clip.