Wreck-it Ralph is about to be set loose on the Fortnite servers

by Calum Patterson
Disney / Youtube


After Fortnite players spotted a large Wreck-It Ralph image on the screen in Risky Reels, they anticipated some sort of collaboration was being teased, and it sounds like the fans were correct.


Wreck-It Ralph 2 just released on November 21, and like past collaboration with Disney and Avengers: Infinity War, Fortnite is teaming up in promotion of the new movie.

Ralph was first spotted in game on the screen in Risky Reels, making a cameo appearance for only mere seconds.


However, the official Wreck-It Ralph Twitter page has sparked more rumors of the collaboration, replying to a Fortnite tweet about a new emote in the game, which imitates Ralph's dance.

Fortnite promoted the new "Hot Marat" emote with the tag line "Check yourself before you Wreck yourself" - with 'wreck' conspicuously capitalized. 

To which the official Wreck-It Ralph Twitter responded "Hey @FortniteGame, Ralph is on the loose! Keep an eye on your servers."


At first, this could have just been a meaningless interaction, poking fun at Fortnite's servers being unstable, but fans believe it hints at a more serious collaboration coming.

Fortnite's Twitter also replied, sparking even more speculation, writing "Thanks for the heads up - We'll be sure not to get rekt."


The collaboration with Avengers: Infinity War saw a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) mode added, where players could play as the movie's villain, Thanos, by finding his Infinity Gauntlet on the map.

The possibilities are wide-ranging for a Wreck-It Ralph collaboration, from new skins and cosmetic items to another new LTM, fans are eagerly awaiting what is next.

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