Fortnite World Cup cheater XXiF raises suspicions of ‘teaming’ again during trios tournament

Notorious Fortnite pro Damion ‘XXiF’ Cook has once again caused a storm in the competitive community after appearing to be fed a free kill during the recent trios tournament.

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The controversy began back in April 2019, shortly after XXiF had seemingly booked his ticket to the upcoming Fortnite World Cup alongside star names such as Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller.

Epic Games were forced to investigate after he was accused of being ‘fed’ kills by other players, allowing him to score points for eliminations and improve his chances of qualification. Eventually, his spot was revoked, and he was banned for two weeks – although just a fortnight later, he qualified again.

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EPIC GAMESXXiF re-qualified for the Fortnite World Cup after his suspension ended.
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Weeks after Epic Games were heavily criticized for allowing a known cheater to participant in the tournament, XXiF once again finds himself the middle of a storm after a clip appeared of him being given a free elimination during the recent single-day trios tournament.

After entering Salty Springs, the former Rise Nation pro is met with a player who is dancing on the roof of a building, allowing XXiF to score an easy kill – gaining HP, materials as well as adding a point on the board.

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Fortnite players on Reddit suggested that the player dancing may have wanted to be eliminated quickly to rejoin his fallen teammates in another match. This theory was supported by Misfits Gaming pro Griffin ‘Sceptic’ Spikoski who agreed that the solo player wanted to leave the match without disconnecting.

However, other players on Reddit questioned the logic, suggesting that the player had an epic tactical shotgun meaning he should a good chance of scoring at least one elimination on his way out, which would have boosted their point tally.

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With XXiF finishing in 21 place for the NA-East region, he guaranteed himself a slice of the prize pool, but should the allegations prove to be true, Epic Games will be forced to take action again.

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There has been no official communication from the developer as to whether the issue will be investigated, but we will keep you updated as this story develops.

Dexerto have reached out to XXiF for a comment.