Will the Fortnite World Cup feature a new, consistency-based format? | The Fortnite Podcast Ep. 55

With the Fortnite World Cup set to start up in just a few months, it’s time to start thinking about what the format might look like.

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There’s been no official word on what the format for the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers or main event will look like, but there’s been plenty of speculation as to just what will be in store for hopeful players next year.

On the November 19 episode of The Fortnite Podcast, 2LoudTX and MonsterDFace offered some ideas on the variety of options might be available competitors during the World Cup.

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The duo got on the topic of the World Cup format when discussing the competitive format suggestion put forth by FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill.

The suggestion would see Fortnite adopt a format similar to that of the PGA (Professional Golf Association) Fedex Cup that sees players earn points from different events played over an extended period of time rather than having single events with large prize pools.

MonsterDFace agrees with the suggestion and actually thinks that It’s something Epic is looking into, saying: “I almost wanna say they already kind of hinted that it’s gonna be a mirrored/consistency system for Worlds.”

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The pair further explained their reasoning for Epic adopting this consistency system, stressing that Epic doesn’t simply focus on the winners of every event but instead look at all the results equally.

“I guarantee you there were people there who got to talk to Epic,” 2LoudTX says about players attending the PAX West Fortnite event that may not have actually won. “[Epic] saw the names and I guarantee you there were people that didn’t make the cut that Epic were still watching because of their commitment to being there every day.”

The Fortnite World Cup is set to kick off in early 2019.

MonsterDFace even goes on to say that he thinks Epic Game is a close eye on the results of the regional Microsoft and Pop-Up Cup tournaments, meaning that competing in as many events as possible will give players a chance to get spotted even if they don’t necessarily win.

While we likely won’t hear any new information on what the World Cup format will end up being for a couple months, it seems safe to say that it will cast a wide net and allow many players the chance to compete.

To hear 2LoudTX and MonsterDFace go over all things Fortnite, be sure to listen to the full podcast below.

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