Will Fortnite pros and streamers ever get exclusive skins?

Graphics: Epic Games

Epic Games appear to have responded to calls for professional players should receive custom skins after qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup, and it might not be the answer fans were expecting. 

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The game developers have introduced a number of customized cosmetics that appear to be inspired by Twitch streamers, such as Dr Disrespect, Ninja, and even Summit1g, but members of the game’s online community about whether or not pro players will get their hands on an exclusive skin of their own in the future. 

However, it seems that they aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on making it a regular thing, if comments from Ghost Gaming’s Aydan Conrad is anything to go off. 

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Dr Disrespect, TwitterDr Disrespect noticed that a Fortnite skin had a likeness to him back in April, 2019. So, he bought it.
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The Fortnite professional claims to have asked the question directly to Epic Games, in the hopes that players in the future may be awarded with some bonus content as a reward for success in the competitive scene, but it appears as if the proposition wasn’t met with the warmest of responses. 

“I got a chance to talk to Epic in person before and I brought this up,” he tweeted on June 13, responding to another user who was curious about the situation. “They just don’t mess with Exclusive skins,” Aydan confirmed. 

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Whether or not this is an accurate representation of their answer to the question is unknown, but the effort of producing custom cosmetics for each and every player that qualified for the Fortnite World Cup is perhaps a step too far for the developer. 

Special skins might be something that players and fans of pros were hoping for, but for now at least, it looks like a very slim chance that it will come to fruition any time soon. 

The best they can probably hope for is another skin to be released that may look like them. 

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