WILDCAT and BasicallyIDoWrk discover a Fortnite glitch that makes you completely invisible

by Matt Porter


Popular Twitch streamers WILDCAT and BasicallyIDoWrk have found a crazy Fortnite glitch that allows you to become completely invisible.


The pair were playing duos games together on the new Fortnite Season 6 update, when they came across the hilarious glitch.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by WILDCAT, all we can see is a floating bucket of popcorn throwing random pieces in the air, as Tyler’s character is completely invisible.


Both WILDCAT and BasicallyIDoWrk find this discovery hilarious, with both men laughing hysterically as popcorn rains down on Tyler’s invisible character. “It’s just a floating bucket of popcorn!” giggles WILDCAT, while BasicallyIDoWrk struggles to keep composure in the background.

WILDCAT’s Twitter followers clearly found the moment as funny as the two YouTubers, with responses like “This is hilarious” and “That is too funny!” flying in.


Neither WILDCAT or BasicallyIdoWrk have revealed how the glitch actually works, in an attempt to stop people using it for nefarious means. However, it’s safe to assume that Epic Games will be working to remove this glitch as quickly as possible.

This latest glitch was found in Fortnite’s Season 6 update that went live on Thursday, September 27.

Included in the update are Shadow Stones, which are actually intended to turn the user invisible, along with pets that follow you around, and new music packs.