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Wild Fortnite Chapter 3 trick uses trees to fast travel across water

Published: 6/Dec/2021 20:30

by Alan Bernal


A wild technique for fast traveling in Fortnite has been found thanks to Chapter 3 changes that make trees the best way to rotate across the water.

Every Fortnite player is relearning the battle royale since Epic Games introduced a completely new map with updated movement skills and in-game bosses like The Foundation.

Along with the update, the devs added a new kind of tree that players can harvest materials from. Overall, it looks like a pretty mundane feature until you need a quick way to get across bodies of water.

There are gigantic pine trees in Fortnite Chapter 3 that can be physically chopped down to an in-game object. It behaves unlike other types of timber in the game and players have been making use of the new feature.


Fortnite Chapter 3 trees trick

Reddit user ‘HaYouGotRekTed’ chopped down one of these trees near Logjam Lumberyard when it dropped down to the lake nearby.

That’s when the player mounted the trunk to collect its precious mats. That’s when the downed wood started to move as the Redditor was hacking away at it from the top.

“Using the new trees you can travel across water quickly,” the player said. Once HaYouGotRekTed turned up their camera, you could see the tree moving across the water like a torpedo.

Using the new trees you can travel across water quickly. from FortNiteBR

It’s unclear if this is an intended mechanic for Fortnite Chapter 3’s new trees, but there’s already a ton of people liking the change.


Fortnite couldn’t believe the scenes they were witnessing but were excited to try it out in their games.

“I’m just gonna be playing a normal match when all of a sudden a log going 200km/h flies over my head,” one person said. “This season is gonna be fun.”