Why does Ghost Gaming have so many pro Fortnite players? | The Fortnite Podcast Ep 60

Albert Petrosyan

Ghost Gaming is one of the most prominent organizations in esports, especially when it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale, and most of their pro players have high status in the competitive community.

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The Ghost Gaming Fortnite pros have been tremendously successful in competitive tournaments, most recently at the $100,000 WSOE 3 event, where they had four representatives in the top 10.

Their currently have a whopping total of 12 competitive players, including: Aydan, Bizzle, Kamo, Dmo, Enzo, Saf, Ghoul, Sean, Kayuun, Snood, Thwifo, and Issa.

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Out of all of the top-tier orgs, Ghost’s Fortnite team has the most players by far, and it’s why so many people are wondering why they’ve decided to stack their squad with so many pros.

This was one of the topics discussed in Episode 60 of the renowned Fortnite Podcast featuring experts 2LoudTX and MonsterDFace, who had Ghost’s General Manager EsportROB as a special guest. 

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Ghost Gaming GM Rob appeared on the Fortnite Podcast to discuss the org’s success in competitive Fortnite.

On the podcast, Rob explained that Ghost’s recruitment led them to a group of players that were part of Fable Esports at the time, but Ghost managed to acquire the squad and form the basis for what they’ve built today.

Ghost would soon start recruiting more players because they realized that as long as the players were good enough and placed well at events, their winnings would not only pay for themselves but also generate profit revenue for the org.

A key to their growth was not judging potential recruits based on the success of their content creation but rather Fortnite ability, because they knew that if the players demonstrated high levels of skill, the content creation would come hand in hand with their in-game success.

Ghost’s Bizzle and Kayuun are two of the most respected and successful Fortnite players in the competitive scene.

Rob then explained how their team started getting to 12 players, which was ultimately based on them finding consistent players that had high potential but were not being heavily courted.

“So how it ended up to 12 man was realistically the investment made sense, we were doing great, and there’s so much talent on the global scale that we were also thinking about the World Cup, having representation for Ghost in some aspects, so that’s how Kamo and Issa came into play.”

He also noted that a key factor in this decision was to have a large enough talent pool to choose from when it’s time to send players to competitive events. 

Initially signed to a low salary, Ghost Aydan has proved to be one of the best console players in the world.

Ghost Gaming was one of several topics of discussion in Episode 60 of the Fortnite Podcast, along with a full breakdown of the WSOE tournament, both from the perspective of players and broadcast talent.

You can listen to the episode in its entirety down below or by visiting the Fortnite Podcast website