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Where to search the farm for clues in Fortnite

Published: 30/Jun/2021 11:09

by Daniel Megarry


Following the mysterious disappearance of Farmer Steel, Fortnite players will need to head to his farm and search for clues in order to complete this Week 4 challenge.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has brought a long-teased Invasion to the Island, introducing everything from flyable UFOs to powerful IO Tech weapons and even a giant Mothership that abducts you to with a chance to win top-tier loot.

As part of the extraterrestrial-themed storyline, a few characters seem to have gone missing, including Agent Jones – but the Week 4 Legendary challenges are all about the missing Farmer Steel, and you’ll need to search for clues.


Fortnite farm clue locations

Fortnite search farm for clues
Epic Games
Clue locations at Steel Farm.

In order to search for clues in this week’s Fortnite challenge, you’ll need to head to Steel Farm. This unnamed location can be found over the river to the east of Corny Complex, with a red farmhouse on a hill.

You can find the following clues at Steel Farm in Fortnite:

  • Next to a tractor in the crops.
  • Underneath some trees behind the farmhouse.
  • Next to a pile of wood that’s over the river north of the farmhouse.

Each of these clues will appear as a floating magnifying glass. They are quite small, so can be easy to miss. There’s a map above and detailed locations below, which should make finding them a little bit easier.

Fortnite Farm Clue #1

Fortnite farm clue 1
Epic Games
Here’s the first clue.

The first clue can be found in the southern crops. In an opening between the corn, you’ll see a lone red tractor. Head behind it and you’ll be able to see the first clue, which takes the form of a magnifying glass.


Fortnite Farm Clue #2

Fortnite farm clue 2
Epic Games
Here’s the next clue.

The second clue can be found beneath a set of trees directly behind the red farmhouse at the center of Steel Farm. Again, you’re looking for a magnifying glass.

Fortnite Farm Clue #3

Fortnite farm clue 3
Epic Games
Here’s the final clue.

The third and final clue isn’t actually located at Steel Farm. Rather, you’ll need to head across the river north of the farmhouse, and look for a pile of wood. The magnifying glass is just in front of this.

Once you’ve collected two of the clues at Steel Farm, you’ll earn yourself a sweet 45,000 XP!

So where is Farmer Steel?

Fortnite Farmer Steel
Epic Games
Farmer Steel might be in hiding.

Fortnite’s weekly challenges typically don’t weave into the larger storyline too much, but it seems Epic Games are changing that this season, with almost every Legendary quest so far teasing at bigger things to come.


While it’s so far been assumed that Farmer Steel has been abducted, one of the Week 4 quests asks players to find a Doomsday Prepper Guide, which suggests he might actually be hiding – perhaps in an underground bunker?

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