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Where to search Quinjet SHIELD chests for Fortnite Week 2 challenge

Published: 2/Sep/2020 14:05

by Daniel Cleary


The second week of Fortnite’s Marvel-themed Season 4 has arrived. Players will need to search SHIELD chests and find Quinjets scattered around the map in one of the new challenges, so here’s everything you’ll need to complete the task. 

Fortnite’s Season 4 has introduced plenty of Marvel-themed changes across the board with new characters such as Thor, superhero abilities, cosmetics, and more added to the game.

The Season 4 update also saw new Quinjets, the classic transport for the Marvel’s Avengers,  spawning in at different points around the Fortnite island and players will need to track them down in the latest challenge.


Fortnite's marvel quinjet on a hill
Epic Games
The Quinjets move to a different location in every Fortnite match.

The SHIELD Chests challenge is also Fortnite’s Team Challenge in Week 2, meaning that you can party up with friends to help finish this task quicker, although it is still easy enough to complete by yourself.

While this challenge seems fairly straightforward, the Quinjets move every match and are guarded by bots, meaning that you will have to look for them every time you drop into a game.

You will need to find seven of these SHIELD Chests inside of the Quinjets to complete the challenge. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Where to Search SHIELD Chests inside Quinjets

  1. Drop into a Fortnite match and grab some weapons.
  2. Once you land, plane-shaped icons that mark the Quinjet locations should appear on your map.
  3. Make your way over to the Quinjets and destroy the bots, at a distance, before you enter.
  4. Interact with the SHIELD Chests inside the jet to progress the challenge.
  5. Search seven different SHIELD Chests in total to complete the task.
Fortnite map with quinjet icon
Epic Games
Fortnite players will need to look for Quinjet icons on their map.

There you have it, once you find all of the chests and finish the challenge, you will be rewarded with 50,000XP for your efforts.


This isn’t the only set of challenges available to complete in-game, especially for Battle Pass owners. They have the chance, week on week, to complete a series of Wolverine challenges to grab the Marvel superhero’s new skin in-game. More information on how to do that in our comprehensive guide.

You can also spot these Quinjets when dropping in from the battle bus but as you won’t have any weapons, it might be better to loot up first before trying it out.