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Where to get Marigold’s Message from the Dead Drop in Fortnite

Published: 2/Sep/2021 15:02

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite’s Week 13 challenges are here, and one of the Epic quests requires players to get Marigold’s Message from a Dead Drop. Not sure where to look? We’ve got you covered.

The final battle between the Imagined Order and those alien invaders is almost upon us in Fortnite Season 7, but there’s still time for some last-minute espionage as Doctor Slone hunts for all the extraterrestrial information she can get.

After leaving Secret Documents at bus stops for this week’s Legendary challenges, players now need to recover the Dead Drop they planted earlier this season in order to listen to Marigold’s Message. Whatever it is, it must be important.


You’ll need to head to Weeping Woods for this one, but it’s a big POI so finding the Dead Drop might be a little difficult. To make completing this challenge easier, we’ve put together a simple location guide with a handy map below.

Fortnite Dead Drop
Epic Games / YouTube: KingAlexHD
This is what the Dead Drop looks like in Fortnite.

Fortnite Dead Drop locations for Marigold’s Message

In order to uncover Marigold’s Message and finish this Fortnite quest, you’ll first need to find a Dead Drop at Weeping Woods. Here are all the Dead Drop locations:

  • Near the northern side of the bridge at the northeast section of Weeping Woods.
  • Near the south side of the bridge at the northeast section of Weeping Woods.
  • Underneath a tree on the northeast side of Weeping Woods.
  • Besides a pile of wood and trees next to the river.

We’ve also marked the Dead Drop locations on the Weeping Woods map below.

Fortnite Dead Drop Locations
Epic Games
Here are the Dead Drop locations in Fortnite Season 7.

Once you come across a Dead Drop using the map above, simply walk up to it and interact with it to complete the challenge and hear Marigold’s Message. You’ll also get a sweet 30,000 XP for your troubles.


With Slurpy Swamp, Coral Castle, and now Corny Complex being abducted by the alien invaders, it seems Doctor Slone’s plan to take them out is slowly coming to fruition ahead of a season-ending live event.

There are mere weeks until Season 7 comes to an end, so you’ll need as much XP as you can get to max out your Battle Pass. Make sure you complete the new Island Games quests and all of those weekly challenges.

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