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Where to find the anomaly at Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite

Published: 31/May/2021 20:49

by Nick Farrell


Another challenge has appeared in Fortnite, and this time around we are once again going to be searching for a missing anomaly. Stealthy Stronghold is the location we are going to be diving into for this one.

While we are at the tail end of Fortnite Season 6 with just a few short days left to go, players worldwide are still gunning to finish their season’s battle pass and unlock all the variants of the skins.

One of the skins that have multiple styles is Agent Jonsey, and there are a few different ways to unlock these variants.

You will need to find and interact with anomalies around the map, and depending on where you find them, it will unlock a certain style for Jonsey. Here is where to find the anomaly within Stealthy Stronghold.


agent jonsey
Epic Games
Agent Jonsey has been a fan favorite within the battle pass

Where to find the Stealthy Stronghold anomaly

The anomaly in question is going to spawn within Stealthy Stronghold, which is one of the most northern POIs on the Fortnite map currently. It is a jungle-themed biome filled with trees and dangerous Raptors that will attack you.

The process of catching and interacting with this anomaly is going to be tricker than the other ones within the game. As, once you approach this anomaly, it will take flight and maneuver around the POI for around 30 seconds before it lands.

Right off the bat, you will be able to spot it near the entrance to Stealthy Stronghold. It will be the intersection of the two buildings on the right side of the POI, and once you approach it, then the chase begins.


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Make sure to get all your challenges done soon!

After around 30 seconds or so, the anomaly will stop in place and you will be able to interact with it to complete the challenge. But, make sure you complete the other anomaly challenges, so that you unlock all the styles for the Agent Jonsey skin.

These Agent Jonsey challenges are just a few of the many challenges players will need to complete before the big season-ending event. As the new Foreshadowing quests have all but confirmed that aliens will be coming next season.

How this will change the Fortnite map is still a mystery, but we are excited to see what Epic has in store for us.