Where to find ODM Gear & Thunder Spears in Fortnite

ODM Gear in FortniteEpic Games

ODM Gear and Thunder Spears are two brand new Fortnite weapons lifted straight from Attack on Titan, so here’s everything you need to know to find them.

Fortnite’s highly-anticipated Attack on Titan crossover has arrived with three skins and a new location to discover, but the most exciting additions are two weapons that you’ll probably recognize if you’ve watched the popular anime series.

The first new weapon is the Omni-Directional Mobility (ODM) Gear, which lets you catapult through the sky and attack enemies. The second new weapon is the Thunder Spears, a set of arm-launched rockets that explode shortly after impact.

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Whether you’re trying to complete the Eren Jaeger Quests or you just want to cause some mayhem in the game, here’s where to find ODM Gear and Thunder Spears in Fortnite.

How to get ODM Gear in Fortnite

ODM Gear in FortniteEpic Games

ODM Gear can be found inside regular chests and even as floor loot if you’re lucky, but you’ll have the best chance of getting this new Fortnite weapon by finding and opening a Scout Regiment Footlocker.

These rare chests will always include at least one Attack on Titan weapon. You can find them scattered around the Island, but we’ve found one guaranteed location: Jaeger’s Family Basement at Anvil Square.

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We’ve marked the building you’ll need to visit to find Jaeger’s Family Basement on the map below:

The Jaeger's Family Basement location in FortniteEpic Games

Once you get here, circle the outside of the building until you see a set of stairs leading down to a closed door. This is Jaeger’s Family Basement and you’ll find a Scout Regiment Footlocker in the far corner.

Be aware that visiting Jaeger’s Family Basement is also a requirement to complete the new Eren Jaeger Quests, so this is probably going to be a very popular location!

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How to get Thunder Spears in Fortnite

Thunder Spears in FortniteEpic Games

Thunder Spears can be found in the same way as ODM Gear, which means you can potentially get them in chests or as floor loot, but you’re best off looking for a Scout Regiment Footlocker.

Remember that you’re not guaranteed to get Thunder Spears when you open a Scout Regiment Footlocker but the chances are pretty high when compared to other methods of finding one.

Another way of getting Thunder Spears or ODM Gear is to eliminate a player that has them in their inventory. It shouldn’t be too difficult to spot them as both of these weapons cause quite a scene.

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