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Where to find missing parts for Fortnite’s Launch The Ship challenge

Published: 2/Aug/2020 13:51 Updated: 2/Aug/2020 13:55

by Daniel Cleary


A secret challenge has been added to Fortnite where you can launch the ancient spaceship near Craggy Cliffs. Here’s what you’ll need to find all locations for the missing parts and complete this task.

There have been many changes made to the Fortnite map through Season 3. However, in the August 1 update, an unusual spaceship has been added to the island north of Craggy Cliffs.

This ‘ancient spaceship’, which was previously leaked to have an astronaut character trapped inside, has come with a secret challenge that players can complete in-game.

fortnite spaceship in craggy cliffs
Epic Games
You will have to rebuild the spaceship with missing parts.

The new challenge requires players to rebuild the ancient spaceship with missing parts that are scattered around the area.


If you are having any trouble finding these missing pieces, it is worth noting that they make a small buzzing noise the closer you come to one.

Here’s where you can find all of the ship’s missing parts to complete this challenge.

How to launch the Ancient Spaceship in Fortnite

  1. Make your way to the spaceship’s location near Risky Reels.
  2. Once you arrive, collect the ‘Thruster’ from the nearby cliff and install it to the ship.
  3. Grab the ‘Battery Pack’, which is hidden under the tall rock in the water.
  4. After you add the Battery Pack, the final missing part, the ‘Heat Shield’ is under another rock, east of the spaceship.
  5. Once you’ve collected all parts, simply make your way back to the ship and activate the launch sequence.
all missing part locations fortnite map
Epic Games
All of the spaceship’s missing part locations.

There you have it, once you install the final part should be able to watch as the astronaut takes off, leaving a few rift portals behind that you can use.

Although there is no cosmetic item available for this challenge, you will get to watch an in-game event and will also receive 39,000 XP for your efforts.