Where to find Gas Cans in Fortnite

Sam Comrie
An image of the Gas Can from Fortnite
Epic Games

Gas Cans aren’t just useful for filling up Fortnite vehicles, because in the right hands they can be a great tool to wipe out your enemies. If you’re in need of one for a quest, we’ve got you covered.

Introduced back in Chapter 2, Season 3, the Gas Can is a simple but effective tool within Fortnite’s arsenal. Far more than just fuel for your vehicles, the Gas Can can provide an explosive edge during battle.

You might just need one at some point in your grind for XP. Here’s where to find them.


An image of a Gas Can from Fortnite
Epic Games
The Gas Can is great for refueling vehicles on a long journey.

Where to find Gas Cans in Fortnite

Gas Cans appeared in Fortnite back in Chapter 2, Season 3, and their presence has been expanded ever since. As each season comes and goes, the map is always evolving and changing.

Whether it’s for combat or challenges like “damage opponents or player built structures by detonating a Gas Can”, we’ve made it easier for you to get your hands on this coveted red item.

A map of Gas Cans in Fortnite.
Epic Games
The latest iteration of the map has brought in locations like the iconic Daily Bugle.

How to detonate Gas Cans in Fortnite

Once you’ve managed to find one of the many Gas Cans scattered around the island, you’ll likely need to detonate it at some point. To do so, all you need to do is drop the Gas Can in your desired spot and shoot it to experience some seriously explosive results. Be sure to get some distance from your Gas Can, as the explosive range can be pretty devastating to your health.

And there you have it. You’ll be keeping your fuel levels topped up like no other player. Be sure to check out more Fortnite guides here:

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