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Where to find E.G.O. Outposts for Fortnite Week 5 challenges

Published: 7/Nov/2019 16:25 Updated: 7/Nov/2019 16:59

by Matt Porter


The fifth week of Fortnite Chapter 2 is now live, and one of the challenges tasks players with visiting the five different E.G.O. Outpost locations found on the game’s map.

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Week 5 introduces The Lowdown, a brand-new mission released on Thursday, November 7, with a total of 10 challenges available to players who want to unlock some sweet rewards including XP, Battle Stars, and cosmetics.

Players who take on The Lowdown will be spending a lot of time at E.G.O. Outposts, as two challenges require Fortnite fans to head to these locations.

Epic GamesE.G.O. Outposts are dotted across the Fortnite island.
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The first challenge tasks players with visiting all five of the E.G.O. Outposts, although thankfully you don’t need to hit every one in a single match, and can be spread out across multiple games if you don’t find yourself close to one, or die before you hit all five.


Once you’re there though, make sure you start opening chests, as the second challenge tasks players with opening seven chests at these locations.

Epic GamesPlayers need to visit all five E.G.O. Outposts for this challenge.
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The bad news is that the E.G.O. Outposts aren’t actually marked on the map, but thankfully they are large buildings, including a science station, a hanger, barracks and more, so they should be easy to spot once you get close to them.

However, if you’re struggling to see them, you can use our map below which has marked all five locations on the Fortnite map for you.

Epic GamesA map showing all five E.G.O. Outpost locations.
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Remember, only Battle Pass owners can complete The Lowdown Mission challenges, so don’t head to these spots if you haven’t paid for it.


Once you complete eight of them, you’ll also unlock a brand-new loading screen, which could take you back to one of the E.G.O’ Outposts should you choose to search for the game’s hidden ‘N’ for Week 5.