Where to find Deadpool’s floaty to unlock unmasked Fortnite skin style

Joe Craven
Epic Games

With the Deadpool skin finally released in Fortnite Season 2, many fans have got what they wanted. However, Week 8’s challenges bring the opportunity to get the unmasked merc with the mouth, and here’s how to complete them.

Since the Deadpool skin was added on April 3, the man himself has been chilling on Season 2’s new POI, The Yacht. It’s no surprise that, given his reputation and unique aesthetic, many Fortnite matches are now dominated by his red and black suit.

However, a recent leak has revealed how to get your hands on an unmasked variant skin style, and it’s fairly straightforward.

Epic Games
This is the floaty players will have to find.

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Deadpool Week 8 Unmasked Skin Fortnite Challenges

To unlock the unmasked skin style, the challenges appear fairly simple. Thanks to Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, we can get a look at what players have to do.

The first challenge is to locate Deadpool’s ‘floaty’, and then have a boogie on the Yacht, which recently got a Deadpool-esque makeover thanks to the mercenary’s in-game event.

The reward, as you can see, is the unmasked skin style of Deadpool, featuring his trademark scars and pulsing eyes.

The challenges in full.

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Deadpool’s ‘floaty’ location and dancing on The Yacht – Fortnite Week 8 Challenges 

Deadpool’s floaty should be remarkably simple to find. It is located in Skye’s room, on the right hand side as you look at Skye.

If you’re still not sure where that is, you should find the image below helpful in tracking it down.

Epic Games
The floaty in Skye’s room.

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Once you’ve got the floaty, it really is as easy as going to the Yacht and having a boogie. However, what complicates matters is the presence of henchmen on the Yacht, many of whom are keen to stop you from enjoying your dance.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Yacht is located in the very north-east corner of the map, just off the coast from Steamy Shacks. Once that’s done, you can get your hands on the unmasked Deadpool skin style. Enjoy!