Where to find Cow Catchers in Fortnite

Cow catcher in fortniteEpic Games

If you’re wondering where to find Cow Catchers in Fortnite to destroy some meddlesome road barriers, we’ve put together this quick and handy guide to show you where to get them.

As part of Fortnite’s ever-expanding lore, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has introduced a new set of Resistance Quests to complete alongside traditional weekly challenges. These are different in that they are geared towards the game’s story — the battle between the Imagined Order and the Seven.

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One of the week three challenges requires players to destroy road barriers with a Cow Catcher, a vehicle attachment that gives you the extra power needed to complete the objective. Our guide will help you discover where to find one and how to use it.


player finding cow catcher floor loot in fortniteEpic Games
Make sure to explore everywhere to find one.

What is a Cow Catcher in Fortnite?

Quite simply, the Cow Catcher is an oversized grill that goes on the front of a car that’s primary function is to clear the road.

You may typically see them in zombie films as they help to bash the undead out of the way, and in Fornite’s case, it’s effective in bashing down road barriers. Once you’ve gotten your hands on one, throw it onto a car and it’ll automatically clamp onto the front of it.

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Cow Catcher locations in Fortnite

There are no preset locations to find a Cow Catcher in Fortnite as they are strictly random loot. There are two main ways you can come across a Cow Catcher:

Floor loot

As soon as you drop into a game of Fortnite, there is always an enormous amount of floor loot scattered around the Island, from guns to shields, and you might even find a Cow Catcher this way.

If you’re eager to get this challenge completed, then we recommend you drop in somewhere miles away from everyone else and hoard resources until you find one.

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Red toolboxes

Like Chests, red toolboxes appear at random locations across the map, but this is another way to secure yourself a Cow Catcher. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll find one, but the chances are quite high.

It’s another case of straying from the pack and doing some exploring!

fortnite road barriers outside the daily bugleEpic Games
The Daily Bugle has a few barriers for you to crash.

How to destroy road barriers with a Cow Catcher in Fortnite

One of Week 3’s Resistance Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 tasks players to “Destroy road barriers using the Cow Catcher or Battle Bus.

We’ve already got you up to speed on how to get a Cow Catcher and, previously, we have covered how to get yourself a Battle Bus, so we’re going to focus on how you can actually destroy the barriers themselves.

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To get that precious XP, follow these simple steps:

  1. Boot up a game of Fortnite and drop in to the Island.
  2. Either find a Cow Catcher and attach it to a vehicle or get yourself a Battle Bus.
  3. Find yourself a road barrier — The Daily Bugle POI is a gold mine for them.
  4. Now, drive full speed into the barrier and it should come tumbling down and check off one of your five needed.

And that’s all there is to it!

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