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Where to destroy Alien Trees in Fortnite

Published: 16/Jul/2021 17:22

by Daniel Megarry


Extraterrestrial life has slowly been taking over the Island throughout Fortnite Season 7, so the latest set of weekly challenges tasks players with destroying Alien Trees.

Following on from a set of Legendary quests that required players to place cow decoys and deliver prepper supplies, Epic Games are now asking Fortnite fans to help remove the trees that have popped up around the Island.

Ticking off this Epic challenge will reward you with 30,000 XP which should help you level up and unlock more skins and cosmetics in the Battle Pass – especially now those desirable Super Styles have been released.

There are a few places you can visit to complete this quest, but some landing spots are better than others, so we’ve put together a simple guide to make finishing this quest a breeze.


What are Alien Trees in Fortnite?

Fortnite Alien Trees
Epic Games
This is what Alien Trees look like in Fortnite.

Alien Trees are the strange-looking trees that have emerged in the purple areas across the Fortnite map.  As Farmer Hayseed explains in the quest description, “them invaders are invading the plants too!”

There are actually two types of Alien Trees: the first type looks like a regular tree but with purple leaves, and the second type is long and thin with a blue and pink color scheme. You can destroy either of them.

Below you’ll find the best locations to visit to complete this weekly challenge.

Where to destroy Alien Trees in Fortnite

Fortnite Alien Tree locations
Epic Games
Locations of Alien Trees in Fortnite Season 7.

As you can see from the map above, there are plenty of locations you can visit across the Fortnite map to find and destroy Alien Trees. Essentially, you’re just looking for an area where the ground is purple.


Having said that, some of these purple patches only have a few Alien Trees, and you’ll need to destroy five to complete the challenge, so we’d recommend hitting up the purple area just west of Boney Burbs.

Fortnite destroy Alien Trees
Epic Games
This area near Boney Burbs has plenty of Alien Trees to destroy.

There are more than enough trees to destroy here, and it’s far enough away from any major Fortnite POIs or landmarks that you shouldn’t run into many enemies.

Once you’ve landed here, simply swing your pickaxe and get destroying. The thin trees should only require one hit, while the big trees will take a few whacks. Either way, it shouldn’t take you long to finish the quest.


Now that you’ve destroyed those trees, why not check out our complete Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenge guide for more opportunities to earn XP and level up your Battle Pass.