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Where to deploy Aquatic Communication Relays at Logjam Lumberyard in Fortnite

Published: 12/Apr/2022 15:29

by Sam Comrie


Fortnite has a wealth of new challenges to complete in Chapter 3 Season 2. Here’s how you can deploy the Aquatic Communication Relays at Logjam Lumberyard. 

Fortnite continues to raise the stakes with each season, as Chapter 3 Season 2 has familiar heroes and villains battling on the island in an all-out war. Iconic characters like Marvel’s Doctor Strange have joined the battle and there are plenty of new challenges to grind through for heaps of XP.

If you’ve been struggling to deploy the Aquatic Communication Relays at Logjam Lumberyard, then we’ve made it easier to complete this challenge.


an image of logjam lumberyard in fortnite
Epic Games
Fortnite has new locations to explore, as the map becomes increasingly different every season.

Where is Logjam Lumberyard in Fortnite?

Before you get to work deploying the Aquatic Communication Relays, you’ll need to head to Logjam Lumberyard first. If you’re heading there with a squad, make sure to let them know this location is situated in the northwest of the island.


Once you’ve landed at Logjam Lumberyard, you’ll need to make your way over to the lake in the center of the area.

How to deploy the Aquatic Communication Relays at Logjam Lumberyard

It can be tricky at first to find the Aquatic Communication Relays, as the in-game map doesn’t indicate where they are directly. To deploy them, jump into the lake in front of Logjam Lumberyard and the locations of each relay will reveal themselves.

an image of aquatic communication relay in fortnite
Epic Games
Deploying the Aquatic Communication Relays is simple once you’ve found their location.

There are five relays in total to deploy, but as Logjam Lumberyard is often a busy area for dropping in, you’ll need to act fast. Alternatively, you can grab one of the nearby boats to use for protection, which is especially useful if a teammate can cover you.


And there you have it, now you can deploy the relays and reap the rewards of Fortnite Chapter 3’s challenges. Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides:

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