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Where to deploy Alien Nanites in Fortnite Season 7: Locations map

Published: 7/Jul/2021 17:08

by Nick Farrell


Week 5 of Fortnite Season 7 challenges is now live worldwide, and the new content Alien Nanites represent another great chance for players to level up their battle pass quickly.

Fortnite‘s weekly challenges have always been within the game, and each week they offer some quick and simple ways for players to earn a flurry of XP. In Season 7, these challenges are broken up within Epic and Legendary quests, with the latter offering more XP.

Now, we are in the fifth week of the season and some brand new challenges have just hit the block, and one of them revolves around the new Alien Nanites added during patch 17.11.


Holly Hatchery
Epic Games
Aliens have started their takeover of Holly Hedges!

How to find and deploy Alien Nanites in Fortnite

This new alien technology was recently added into the game during the content update, and players will be able to find them within most chests and floor loot. Essentially, they are a multi-purpose tool that can either be used for upgrading weapons, or as a throwable item.

In order to complete the challenge, you will need to use the latter method of the Alien Nanites, but there is a slight problem players have been encountering when trying to find them around the map.

As HYPEX noted, Epic has disabled the abductor, so players cannot launch into the alien mothership, which has the highest spawn point of the Alien Nanites.


We can assume this will be resolved quickly, but when you are able to access the ship again, here is where the Alien Nanites will spawn.

  • Regular chests
  • Abductor chests
  • Mothership chests
  • Floor loot

In terms of deploying these Alien Nanites, you simply need to throw one as soon as you have it in your inventory, this will automatically complete the challenge!