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Fortnite Battle Royale • Feb 05, 2019

Where to find new Fortnite Foraged Campfires - Full map with every location

Where to find new Fortnite Foraged Campfires - Full map with every location

Fortnite’s V7.30 Content Update is officially live, and brought with it a brand new way to utilize the campfires found around the map.

Introduced on Tuesday, February 5, players will now be able to make use of the campfires that have been spotted in the environment of Fortnite since it released back in September 2017.

Originally included as decorative items, Epic Games then announced the Cozy Campfire item, that could be used to heal players who had taken damage in the game.

Campfires are used to heal players who have taken damage.

Now, Epic Games have taken the items a step further by allowing players to use the once decorative campfires for the same purpose, by making them interactive and act in the same way as their cozy counterparts.

Foraged Campfires provide players in its vicinity with two health points every second for a total of 25 seconds. This means players can gain up to 50 HP from one of these items, with an environmental campfire only able to be used once per match.

While you can’t always find a Cozy Campfire item in chests or floor loot, knowing where you can find one of these Foraged Campfires out in the world could be the difference between losing and a Victory Royale, and this helpful map will make sure you locate one quickly.

Where you can find the Foraged Campfire

It seems that players hoping to get their hands on the next iteration of the Snowfall skin will need to keep an eye out for Foraged Campfires, as it’s believed they will play a key part in unlocking the the Prisoner skin.

The 7.30 Content Update brought another new item named the Bottle Rocket to the game, which deals damage to enemy players and structures. For more information about the new items and changes to the game, check out the V7.30 Content Update patch notes.

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