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Fortnite Battle Royale • Aug 30, 2018

When is PAX West Fortnite Summer Skirmish Competition? Full Tournament Info - Stream, Schedule and More

When is PAX West Fortnite Summer Skirmish Competition? Full Tournament Info - Stream, Schedule and More

The conclusion of the Summer Skirmish Fortnite series will take place at the PAX West convention, as top players and aspiring talents battle for a $1.5 Million prize pool.


Popular streamers, professional players and everyday fans will be able to register to compete at the event, which will take place over four days, starting on Friday, August 31.

The first three days of competition are all qualifiers, three separate qualifiers to be exact. The top players from each of the three days of qualification will advance to play in the final tournament on Monday, September 3.


You can watch the event live on Fortnite's official Twitch channel. It will also be broadcast on YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and Twitter.


The exact start time is not announced yet, but sign-ups open at 8am each morning for the three qualifying days.

The prize pool will be the biggest draw for this competition. Rounding out eight weeks of Summer Skirmish action, which has already handed out the majority of the $8 million in total prizing, this final tournament boasts the remaining $1.5 million.


First place is a life changing amount of money, especially if it was won by a random entree, at a whopping $225,000.

Everyone finishing in the top five will walk away with at least over $100,000, and everyone in the top one hundred will net a share.

You can view the full prize pool breakdown here.

To play, you must be over 16, have a valid ID and PAX badge for the day. You must use the equipment provided by organizers, but there are options for both keyboards as well as console (Xbox and PlayStation) controllers.

You can find the full rules on how to register to play and the equipment available at the event here.


The tournament format itself is based on a point system, as follows: 

  • 4TH-10TH PLACE: +1 POINT

*These points can only be earned once per match. For example, 10 eliminations would only earn you +3 points and any additional eliminations will not add points to your score.

PAX West Fortnite Summer Skirmish Format, Prize Breakdown and How to Register

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