What the New Compact SMG Will Sound Like in Fortnite - Close, Medium, Long Range, Reloading, and More!

by Albert Petrosyan


With the announcement of the Compact SMG coming soon to Fortnite, people have been hard at work trying to find out as much information about the new weapon as possible. 

Using audio samples found in game files, data miners have been able to determine what the new SMG will sound like in-game.


Fortnite news and leaks outlet 'FNBRLeaks' has released a collection of all the sounds the weapon is expected to make in-game, including when it is being fired, reloaded, picked up, and dropped.


Players of Fortnite's other mode, called Save the World, will recognize these sounds because the SMG has been in that mode for quite sometime, despite just now being added to Battle Royale. 

Perhaps the most interesting part is the fact that there are three different firing noises for the three different ranges, which could be useful for players when choosing which weapon to use in certain gunfights.


Announced on July 22, the Compact SMG is expected to be added to Fortnite on the 24th as part of the v5.10 Update.

It will become the second new SMG weapon to be added in as many weeks, and will come in Epic and Legendary rarities.