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What is AppValley? Fortnite mobile users search for App Store alternative

Published: 19/Jul/2021 22:12

by Alan Bernal


The Apple vs Epic Games suit kept Fortnite off the App Store and Google Play store since mid-2020, and players are looking for alternate ways of loading the battle royale onto their devices with marketplaces like AppValley.

Sidestepping Apple or Google’s official app stores by installing another marketplace to download software can leave your device vulnerable to everything from viruses, malware, spyware, etc.

But some iOS/Android users are still reeling from the removal of Fortnite and looking for alternatives to get the popular game on their phones and tablets.

That’s where people have been looking into a free App Store alternative that doesn’t have the need to jailbreak a device.


What is AppValley?

Fortnite users are looking for Apple App Store alternatives to load the game on their devices.

AppValley has been one of those marketplaces that went defunct and revived, but has been an alternative app marketplace.

This is where some Fortnite users have been hoping to try their luck with getting into the free-to-play title on their mobile devices.

But people often get hit with multiple crashes and the like since Apple’s software will detect and revoke app certificates if they come across unofficial content.

Fortnite is still not on Apple’s App Store since being banned.

Since Fortnite has been ousted on iOS, eager users have been hoping that these alt stores will let them drop onto the island once again.

Inquiries into these app stores have been getting traction, especially for AppValley, as more mobile users try to bypass Apple’s deadlock with Fortnite.


While people will recommend one alternative over another, there’s still plenty of official ways on other platforms to play Fortnite and avoid the intricacies of swerving the App Store.