Where to find Ascender in Fortnite: All locations explained

An Ascender location in FortniteEpic Games

Wondering where to track down an Ascender in Fortnite? You’ll need to find one at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern to complete a weekly quest, so here are the locations of these devices.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has loads of ways to traverse across the map, from powerful tanks to the drivable Armored Battle Bus. It’s not just vehicles, either, as there are also ziplines and Ascenders to use.

You’ll need to find one of these Ascenders to complete the Week 9 challenge, ‘Use an Ascender and deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds’, which will then reward you with 20,000 XP to help you level up.

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Below, you’ll find out what an Ascender is and where you can find them on the Fortnite map.


An Ascender location in Fortnite

What is an Ascender in Fortnite?

An Ascender is basically a vertical zipline that helps you climb up (or down) the side of a mountain or one of the Imagined Order Blimps that are located above POIs like The Daily Bugle or Tilted Towers.

To use them, simply approach the Ascender wire and press the interact button to zip up or down.

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Where to find Ascenders on Fortnite map

You can find Ascenders scattered all around the Fortnite map, usually at the bottom of cliffs or mountains to make a quick climb to the top.

If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of stumbling across one, we recommend heading to the Desert section at the bottom of the map, as there are a lot of cliffs with Ascenders dotted around the area.

We’ve also listed some easy-to-find Ascenders at named locations below:

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Fortnite Ascender locations at Chonker’s Speedway

To find the Ascender at Chonker’s Speedway, head towards the giant rock formation on the northwest side of the racecourse. On the northern side of this rock, there’s an Ascender you can zip up or down.

We’ve marked the Ascender location on the Chonker’s Speedway map below:

The Ascender location at Chonker's Speedway in Fortnite

Fortnite Ascender locations at Covert Cavern

The Ascender at Covert Cavern is underneath the middle of the Imagined Order Blimp that’s floating in the sky. Head underneath it and you should see a line descending from the Blimp – use it to zip up.

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We’ve marked the Ascender location on the Covert Cavern map below:

The Ascender location at Covert Cavern in Fortnite

Once you’ve found an Ascender, you have to deal 100 damage within 30 seconds of using it, after which 20,000 XP will be added to your account – and hopefully, your Battle Pass will be leveled up!

Looking for more ways to earn XP and level up in Fortnite? We’ve got tips for leveling up fast and a Resistance Quest guide that can help.

Now you know what an Ascender is, and how to complete this challenge, check out some of our other Fortnite guides below:

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