What are Funding Stations in Fortnite & why are they disabled?

A Funding Station in FortniteEpic Games

Wondering what Funding Stations are in Fortnite? We’ve got the answers you need, as well as details on how to donate and locations for every Funding Station in Chapter 3 Season 2.

While there are loads of powerful weapons, fun items, and drivable vehicles in Fortnite that can be used to help you win that elusive Victory Crown, sometimes you need a little something extra.

That’s where Funding Stations come into play. These pop-up stations give you a chance to unlock a new or previously vaulted item that can turn the tide when you’re approaching the final few players.

But where can you find Funding Stations in Fortnite? And how do you use them? Let’s find out.


Fortnite War EffortEpic Games
You can get powerful weapons like Turrets through Funding Stations.

What are Funding Stations in Fortnite?

Funding Stations (sometimes referred to as Donation Stations) are special pop-ups on the Fortnite map that allow players to donate Gold Bars to help ‘unlock’ a new or vaulted weapon, item, or vehicle to use.

The first kind of Funding Station has a set goal to reach, with players around the world donating Gold Bars until the goal is met. Then, whatever they’re funding, whether it’s a Turret or a Battle Bus, will be unlocked.

The second kind of Funding Station is a ‘vote’ where players donate Gold Bars to one of two items they’d prefer to see added to the loot pool. This is usually a choice between two weapons or throwable items.

Funding Station locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The first Funding Stations this season were for the Armored Battle Bus. These could be found near Synapse Station and Sanctuary, although they’ve both been funded and you can now drive the Battle Bus!

The next available Funding Station is a vote between the MK-Seven Assault Rifle and the Combat Assault Rifle, and you can find Funding Stations for them at any major POI, so finding one won’t be difficult.

To decide between the MK-Seven Assault Rifle and the Combat Assault Rifle, simply donate as many Gold Bars as you want to your preferred weapon.

A poster for the Fortnite funding stationEpic Games
MK-Seven or Combat? The choice is yours.

Why are Funding Stations disabled in Fortnite?

If you’ve launched Fortnite lately, you might have noticed that there’s a warning explaining that ‘Funding Stations are currently disabled’ meaning players can’t currently donate Gold Bars.

Epic Games have tweeted that they’ve “temporarily disabled” Funding Stations due to a “stability issue” although every donation made so far will still be counted towards the vote.

There will likely be a fix at some point in the coming days so your donations can get back on track, so keep an eye out.