Vote for Fortnite’s next unvaulted item: Rift-to-Go vs Shockwave Launcher

Alec Mullins
Shockwave Launcher vs Rift-to-Go in fan lead vote.
Epic Games

There is another vote happening in Fortnite and this time it’s between two fan-favorite items from the vault. Players can use gold bars to vote for which item they think should return in time to bolster the Looper efforts vs The Cubes.

Epic Games are giving players a chance to bid on the future of Fortnite – or at least the items in it.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 introduced a new mechanic to the game. Players can now donate their personal stash of gold bars to make decisions on the state of the game. The first version of this was held earlier this month and allowed players to vote on where the new Mounted Turret locations should be located.

The first location to receive a new Mounted Turret was Boney Burbs, and as of September 16, 2.4 billion Bars have been donated. Following the success of the Mounted Turret Gold Bar drive, there is now a second decision being left to the players’ hands.

Voting for Fortnite’s next unvaulted item

The news of this showdown arrived in the form of a blog post on the Epic Games website. This post, like the one for the turrets, was written by J.B. Chimpanski, who is heading the in-game war effort against The Cubes.

“Donation Boards are set up at POIs for you to chimp in Bars towards which item you want to see as future loot,” he wrote.”First item to hit 100% Funded is immediately unlocked and ready for use.”

How to vote

Let’s quickly run through how to cast a vote:

  1. Load into the game and enter a non-competitive playlist
  2. Find one of the Item Donation Boards which are marked by a dollar sign emblem on your map
  3. Choose which item to support and donate 50 Gold Bars at a time towards that item.
  4. (Optional) Collect the Small Shield Potions you receive each time you vote.

As of September 22, the Shockwave Launcher is leading the race by a fair margin.

Even if your favored item doesn’t win out in this one, Epic has promised that more of these events are coming in the future.

We don’t know how long these items will be around, but your vote could alter how this season plays out.